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The Palomar pulsed light device safely delivers energy to targeted tiny blood vessels (telangiectasias) and pigmented spots (sun damage, age spots, dyschromia) to destroy them. The IPL treatment is called selective photothermolysis because the hand piece can be placed on your skin to target different chromophores in your skin. This process allows the wavelengths of light to clear tiny blood vessels and pigment spots by forcing the hemoglobin in the tiny vessels and the melanin in the pigmented age spot to absorb the laser or light energy and heat and damage the spots without damaging the skin. Dark spots get damaged (desquamate) and scab and fall off in 3 to 7 days. The tiny vessels in the treated area become pale and then the skin returns to normal appearance in 10-14 days. Laser skin treatments help provide good to excellent results with minimal to moderate treatment pain, and only a few days of downtime. These laser treatments can help reduce visible facial vessels, as well as diffuse redness and pigmented spots and thereby improving the look of your skin.

Dr. Casas and her staff will help you understand what is required to achieve the most long lasting results. This typically includes daily skin care, laser treatments and careful protection from damaging excessive UV sunlight.

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