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Latisse Chicago
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Have you ever looked in the mirror and hoped for longer and thicker eye lashes?

If so, Latisse is what you have been waiting for. Latisse is an FDA approved prescription treatment for patients who have eyelashes that have thinned or are too short. This is called hypotrichosis and is defined by having insufficient eyelash length or eyelashe thickness. Latisse helps your eyelashes grow, making them thicker, longer, and typically darker in just 4-6 weeks. Latisse works by lengthening the growth phase for your eyelashes resulting in longer lashes within 6-8 weeks of use. Latisse is very easy to use. Initially, you use Latisse every night by simply applying one drop of Latisse to an applicator that is included with the kit, and then applying it to your upper eyelids at the base of the eyelashes where you apply eyeliner. Once you have seen the full results from Latisse, an individualized maintenance program will be discussed. Side effects with Latisse occurred in less than 4% of patients and can include skin hyperpigmentation or redness of the eyelid, and eye irritation or itching. Darkening of the Iris was not reported in any Latisse clinical studies, but there may be a minimal chance of this occurring while using Latisse which is likely to be permanent. Please call the office to learn more about Latisse so that you can start growing your eyelashes and look your best.

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