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New laser protocol at Casas Aesthetic Plastic Surgery to include DERMAFLASH®!

Published on April 10, 2018

What is DERMAFLASH® and why do we use this device prior to laser skin treatment?

DERMAFLASH® is a new skincare device that removes dead skin cells, fine vellus hair (peach fuzz) and debris that has built up on your skin. Exclusively at Casas Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, we use DERMAFLASH® prior to all skin laser treatment to remove the extra barrier of dead skin and debris to improve the results of your laser treatments. This has become our Casas Aesthetic Plastic Surgery signature laser treatment. The IPL laser can then better improve your pigmented spots (age and sun spots) and clear small blood vessels. The 1540 Fractional laser can better resurface your skin, reduce wrinkles, build collagen and improve any facial scars.

You can also use DERMAFLASH® once a week in your home!

DERMAFLASH® can be used as a weekly skincare regimen to help exfoliate your skin and continue your personalized skin treatment plan. DERMAFLASH® exfoliates and takes away that extra layer of dead skin and debris skin so your skincare products can better penetrate your skin and give you a better result. This product also gives you smooth skin surface to apply your makeup without fine vellus hair that can create a shadow. The results are instantaneous! This device can be used on many different skin types, including sensitive skin. DERMAFLASH® greatly improves skincare treatment and results when combined with skincare products, lasers and procedures. DERMAFLASH® can give you that radiant and glowing skin you have always wanted and smooth your facial skin at home! Ask one of the staff at Casas Aesthetic Plastic Surgery about purchasing your very own DERMAFLASH®!

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