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Pre-Childbirth Labiaplasty

Introduction Although labiaplasty is often mistakenly considered solely a postpartum procedure, young women may have a congenital protrusion, malformation, or unevenness of the labia minora (the inner folds of skin surrounding the vulvar opening of the vagina) that extends beyond the labia majora, most often called labia hypertrophy. The results are not simply aesthetically undesirable […]

When is the right time to have a Labiaplasty?

Q: I’m 17 and I’m embarrassed by my large labia that continues to be irritated; when is the right time to have a Labiaplasty? A: Labiaplasty surgery offers females a safe solution to physical discomfort or dissatisfaction with the appearance of their labia. Many patients report increased comfort following the procedure due to reduction in […]

Open House for Jan Marini Skincare Products!

When: June 10th (Tuesday), 2:30 to 5:00pm. What: Open House. At the event there will be Jan Marini Skincare kits at a BIG Discount, opportunity to meet the Jan Marini Rep and have a complimentary consultation! Light Appetizers will also be served. Where: The Glenview Office Casas Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 2050 Pfingsten Road Suite 270 […]

Top 5 Cosmetic Surgery Procedures (Infographic)

It turns out that the Top 5 Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Procedures for both men and women are the same for each gender. Everyone wants an attractive chest, appealing eye lids, a non-sagging face, body contouring and a cuter nose. Take a look at the infographic below! For more overall trends, graphs, regional, distribution, demographics and […]

Primary Breast Augmentations: Predictors for Reoperation

Multisite Analysis of 177 Consecutive Primary Breast Augmentations: Predictors for Reoperation Why is the overall reported revision rate so high (12-21%) for patients who have breast augmentation surgery for the first time? What is your reoperation rate for patients like me that want to have breast enhancement surgery with breast implants? The clinical data reported […]

How do I know what breast implants to pick for my breast augmentation?

Q. How do I know what breast implants to pick for my breast augmentation? A. Excellent question! First, I recommend consulting a board certified plastic surgeon with experience in aesthetic breast surgery. It is essential that you partner with an expert for this procedure as there are many components to an excellent outcome. 8 Tips […]

How the Face Lift and Neck Lift Work

How the Face Lift and Neck Lift Work Face Lift and Neck Lift Surgery have turned back the hands of time for thousands of women and men. It’s a great time of year for a face lift and neck lift that can help you put your best face forward. So, how does it work? You […]

Breast Augmentation Advancements

Breast Augmentation Advancements Breast augmentation has long passed the test of time for safety and efficacy. Yet, the plastic surgery community has made technique modifications as well as product improvements to provide beneficial advancements to women interested in breast enhancement with breast implants. Let’s check out what you may not know. 1. Between 1991-2006, women […]

Liposuction in Your 30’s? Maybe Not

Liposuction is commonly requested by people in their 30’s in Chicago, Illinois. The reasons for this are numerous. A tightened, toned abdomen is highly desirable for people in their prime. Firm thighs and arms as well as shapely buttocks fit into the 30 something “ideal body equation”. In fact, it starts to become more difficult […]

Get Ready For The Holidays with Casas Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

GETTING READY FOR THE HOLIDAYS With Casas Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Reduce stubborn bulges of fat – No surgery and no down time! Coolsculpting freezes unwanted fat! Minimize ‘frown lines’ from forehead and crows feet areas with Botox, Dysport or Xeomin ! Correct facial wrinkles and folds to create a fuller, more youthful look with dermal […]

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