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Breast Augmentation with Breast Implants – Am I ready to commit?

Question: I have been thinking of breast implants for years and am finally ready to commit! I would like to be a 34C or D (am now a 34B). I also think I am uneven and one breast sags a little more than the other. Will breast implants also ‘lift’ my breasts and even them […]

Freeze Your Fat with CoolSculpting®

Question: Does freezing fat work? Is CoolSculpting® a reliable way to get rid of my bulges? Answer: CoolSculpting® is a non-invasive fat reduction office-based procedure that is clinically proven and FDA approved. During the procedure your unwanted fat bulge is drawn into the Coolsculpting® applicator and your fat is cooled without damaging the skin. When […]

PIP Silicone Breast Implants

Question: I just saw a report about the PIP silicone breast implants from France. Are those implants here in the US, and are they the same ones that Dr. Casas may have used on me? Answer: French Investigators found that the (now defunct) company called Poly Implant Protheses (PIP) were using inferior quality silicone, not […]

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