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Category Archives: Wedding

Breast Augmentation Implant Sizes

Breast Augmentation and Enhancement www.casas.md Dr. Laurie A. Casas Cosmetic Surgery Chicago Glenview Dr. Laurie A. Casas wants to explain important facts about breast augmentation, absolute and relative cup sizes and the options you have. It is critical to evaluate all the factors in this decision. Question: My breasts have always made me self-conscious. They’re […]

Lip Enhancement for my Daughter’s Wedding

We wanted to share with you the testimonial of one of our delighted patients. Here is the story: “My lips were disappearing over the years! I knew that lips normally deflate as you age, but my daughters wedding was approaching and I decided to investigate my options for facial rejuvenation including lip enhancement. Dr. Casas […]

Will Going Braless Equal Sagging Breasts – Martha Stewart Magazine

Question: I tend to go braless a lot when wearing tank tops and camisoles, especially in the summer. Could this have long term negative effects on my breast shape? Do you have any advice for how to help prevent breast sagging or help prevent worsening of my sagging breasts? Answer: If your breasts are not […]

Dr. Casas Quoted in New Beauty Magazine – “Mommy Makeover” Resource

“Mommy Makeover” and “After Pregnancy” Resource Notable Item: Dr. Laurie Casas lends her expertise to New Beauty Magazine in an article about breast enhancement surgery after pregnancy. Dr. Casas says that many new moms undergo breast augmentation in addition to a breast lift to restore volume and firmness to their brests. Pregnancy and lactation cause […]

Myth of Lunchtime Breast Augmentation with your own Fat

Recently, a myth started in the lay press that breast augmentation using your own fat could be performed during your lunchtime. Unfortunately, as appealing as this may be it is not true. The procedure of using your own fat that is removed from your body and then injected into your breasts may be a safe […]

Easy Way to Get Longer Lashes – New Product Line Offered

Recently a patient of mine recommended Jan Marini eyelash conditioner, so I gave it a try. I can honestly say that I have used it and it works! In fact it worked so well I’ve decided to start offering it myself. Let me tell you a little bit about Jan Marini Eyelash Conditioner. It’s wonderful! […]

Choosing The Most Natural Looking Implants

Question: What are the different types of implants available and which are the most natural looking? Answer: There are two types of implants: Saline Implants and Silicone. Both implants are available in a number of variations to best fit what your looking for. Saline and Silicone Implants alterations: Width: Figure out exactly what width correlates […]

Mid 30’s, Want a Bridal Makeover? Who to Consult?

Question: If I want to look my best for my wedding, (I am in my mid 30’s) who should I consult? Answer: First you should consult with someone like me, a Board certified Plastic Surgeon who will honestly review your options for helping to make your dreams become a reality. Brides want to look their […]

Aging Dark Spots, Wrinkles, Thin Loose Skin on Your Hands – What Can You Do?

Question: My hands are really looking old. They have dark spots, the skin is thin and loose. What can I do? Answer: Come in for your complimentary consultation and before we plan your individualized strategy, understand all that you can do to improve the quality of the skin. That’s step one. Once you have a […]

Considering Facial Fillers to Erase Aging Lines?

Question: I am considering facial fillers or injections to erase aging lines – how do I avoid the ‘over-filled’ and overdone look I often see in town, on celebrities and in the media. Is it the filler or is it the injector that creates that puffy look? Answer: When you express interest in facial fillers, […]

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