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Skin Tightening

Plastic surgery can produce amazing feats that were thought impossible not too long ago. With the tech and knowledge, we have today, a lot of surgeons can do to improve the aesthetics of the human body. Many people lean toward plastic surgery for aesthetic reasons, whether changing the contour of their face or skin tightening to give it more vitality while sporting a younger look.

Although many people look to plastic surgery to adjust their face, Dr. Casas is well versed in other aspects of the body, and her expertise can be utilized in more ways than one. Not only can this help restore confidence in one’s self, but it can also lead to a much healthier-looking you.

The Innevitabilities of Aging

As we grow older, our skin will lose some elasticity, and this natural part of life can be fairly severe for some people. Even if it’s not a particular health concern, it can still significantly affect your self-esteem. Moreover, when your skin starts to lose its elasticity, the effects can be seen across many areas of the body, making many people feel relatively hopeless. 

Thankfully, there’s more than one solution to help with this; some are considered quite minimally invasive. Many skin tightening treatments today also provide long-term results; with the right surgeon, those results can look extremely natural.

Since everyone’s body, skin, and health conditions are different, you may not ever need a skin tightening procedure, but it isn’t uncommon for many people to seek it out. Outside of natural aging, many health complications and surgical procedures can lead to loose skin that can be hard to get rid of.

Other Causes For Loos Skin

Some people may go through a significant weight loss journey which will undoubtedly lead to a decent amount of loose skin. Others may experience injuries and surgeries that leave an excess of skin behind, so you can’t look at aging as the only culprit. Regardless of why someone may be dealing with loose skin, Dr. Casas is more than prepared to deliver the solutions they need to boost their self-esteem and reduce the amount of loose skin they have to deal with.

Surgery for loose skin offers numerous solutions that are catered to particular causes, and patients can benefit from laser skin tightening and many other treatments. Whether you need excess skin removal surgery or simply want to tighten your face skin, Dr. Casas is known for the best skin tightening Chicago offers.

She provides each patient with a thorough consultation to assess their situation in addition to a treatment plan that’s bound to deliver the results they’re looking for. She gives patients a profound sense of comfort in knowing they’re in good hands throughout each stage of the process and explains exactly how their surgery will be performed before they sign the dotted line.

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Dr. Casas and her team demonstrated improvement in skin appearance in patients that presented with Skin laxity of the outer thigh. Call us at 847-657-6884 to set up a consultation with Dr. Casas, an expert in the field of Cosmetic treatments for skin laxity of the body and face.

If you are a candidate, she will develop your individualized treatment plan to help tighten your lax skin of the thighs, abdomen, arms, neck, and face using a combination of Ultherapy and injectable Radiesse. Read more about this treatment plan in her publication below.


Smith JR, Sheehan M, Casas LA. Using the BODY-Q to Evaluate Appearance and Quality of Life Following Treatment of Skin Laxity of the Outer Thigh with Microfocused Ultrasound and Calcium Hydroxylapatite Aesthetic Surgery Journal, sjz372,

Skin Tightening FAQ’s

How Many Sessions Do I Need?

This all weighs on the severity of your loose skin and the outcome you’re looking to achieve. Some people can see a significant change with a single treatment, while others may need multiple treatments before seeing any real change. It’s also important that you receive the skin tightening treatment that’s optimal for your particular case to ensure you get the best results in the end.

Loose skin surgery can be tricky, and the required work will vary from person to person. Before you even get close to the surgery itself, Dr. Casas can provide a clear roadmap on how many sessions may be needed to develop the end result you want. Whether it’s due to weight loss, natural aging, or another health condition, Dr. Casas will work to craft a treatment that’s as effective as possible.

Are Skin Tightening Treatments Effective?

You’ll be happy to learn that no matter which skin tightening treatment you receive, the results will last quite a while. The effectiveness of these treatments also depends on whether the correct treatment is used for the desired outcome, including how skillful your surgeon is.

Some people want to tighten face skin, while others are interested in excess skin removal surgery, which requires a vastly different approach. Some treatments are known to last up to six months, while others could last for years. A patient’s skin and body contour could also be influenced by certain lifestyle choices, such as exercise and diet, so several factors come into play.

Who Is A Candidate For Skin Tightening Treatment?

Although most people qualify for loose skin surgery, Dr. Casas has the expertise to determine if someone is a quality candidate for the procedure. Some treatments are less invasive than others, but it still comes with their fair share of potential complications. Even if you’re looking for an aesthetic change in your face or body, if Dr. Casas sees a potential issue that can get in the way of your health, the treatment may not be worth the risk.

It’s also essential to note that most people are strong candidates for such a procedure, but you must discuss this in your consultation before making any kind of decision on the operation. Ideal candidates include non-smokers, those in good medical condition, and individuals within a 30% range of their ideal weight.

How Much Does Skin Tightening Cost?

Considering the wide variety of skin tightening procedures available, you can expect a good range of roughly $700 on the low end and $15,000 on the high end. Some patients need more work than others, and particular treatments are more costly than procedures focusing on minor adjustments.

This will also be covered in your consultation with Dr. Casas, but it’s important to be prepared as costs can vary based on the specific needs of the surgery. Nevertheless, Dr. Casas understands these concerns and is happy to work with each patient’s budget as best as she can so they can walk into their operation as stress-free as possible.

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Dr. Laurie Casas is quoted as an expert throughout the world, and can be found on television, online, and in national publications such as the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Cosmopolitan Magazine.

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