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Non Surgical Nose Job in Chicago

Non Surgical Nose Reshaping Before & After
Non Surgical Nose Reshaping Before & After

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Are you unhappy with the shape of your nose? If so, nasal tip refinement could be the perfect plastic surgery solution for you. Plastic surgery for the nasal tip involves reshaping the very end of the nose to improve its appearance and symmetry. This procedure can help to correct imperfections in the shape and size of the nose, as well as give it a more balanced and attractive look.

About The Procedure

Nasal tip refinement is a minimally invasive rhinoplasty procedure which is performed by Dr. Casas when you desire minor changes to the appearance of the tip of your nose. It is used to adjust the contours of the nasal tip, such as refining a wide or droopy nasal tip, increasing or decreasing its size, and creating symmetry between the two sides. The procedure is commonly requested by patients who wish to improve the appearance of their noses without making major changes.

During the procedure, the surgeon will make small incisions at the base of the nostrils and then carefully sculpt the tissue in order to reshape the tip. Depending on the patient’s needs, cartilage may also be added or removed. This procedure generally takes around 20-30 minutes to complete. 

The results are usually subtle but can make a significant difference in the patient’s overall appearance. Nasal tip refinement is a safe and effective procedure with minimal downtime, making it an attractive option for any patient that would like to improve the look of their nose while keeping their appearance natural. 

Are You a Good Candidate for Nasal Tip Refinement? 

Before you can schedule the date for your procedure, there are things your board-certified surgeon will determine if you are a good candidate. There are some factors that will determine if a nose tip refinement surgery will be right for you. 

Candidates for nasal tip refinement surgery believe that their nasal tip does not fit with the rest of their face, whether too large, too long, too wide, too narrow, or too droopy. Another qualification that will determine if you will be good for a nose job is your overall health. Patients must be in good health and have realistic ideas on what a nose tip surgery will look like and what it cannot fix. Dr. Casas will discuss with you whether nasal tip refinement will meet your goals and expectations.

Getting Started: What You Can Expect

Before your procedure at Casas Aesthetics Plastic Surgery, a consultation is required. In your initial consultation, Dr. Casas will examine your nose including the skin quality, size, shape, and relationship to your other facial features. She will ask you to describe the exact features of your nose you would like altered. If she feels you have realistic expectations, she will discuss the pros and cons of the procedures available to achieve your desired result.

If you have any questions about the procedure, how much it will cost, and the duration of your nose tip refinement surgery, your consultation would be the best time for you to go over all of this information and more with your plastic surgeon. 

The Cost of Nasal Tip Refinement Surgery

The cost of nasal tip refinement surgery can vary for several reasons. The structure of a patient’s nose is a factor that can increase the price. If your nose structure is not suitable for the procedure, or if you have had nasal surgeries performed in the past, it can also contribute to your nose tip refinement cost.   

Recovery Stages 

Recovery from rhinoplasty is a gradual process and final results of your rhinoplasty will continue to evolve as swelling and bruising subsides. Dr. Laurie Casas will hide any incisions in natural contours or even inside the nose itself. Dr. Casas will also provide you with a medication and supplement regimen to keep you as comfortable as possible and to hasten the healing process. In addition, she will explain tips to minimize swelling, such as sleeping with your head elevated for a few days after surgery. 

Below are a few standard tasks you can do to ensure you will receive the best results:

  • Avoid doing any strenuous activity until your surgeon says you can resume to normal activities
  • Remember, swelling is common and the pain will reduce the more your nose continues to heal 
  • Do not wear reading glasses, sunglasses or anything that can damage your nose 
  • Take any medication prescribed by your surgeon, as requested 
  • Be sure to schedule follow-up appointments with your plastic surgeon (as needed)

A nasal splint and tape are used to support reshaping of your nasal bones and to reduce swelling. While the final result will be evident by one to two years after surgery, you will be able to enjoy your reshaped nose and resume non-aerobic activity within weeks after surgery. She will ask you to avoid contact sports to protect your reshaped nose.

If you properly follow your surgeon’s instructions, your procedure will heal beautifully and you can enjoy the results of your new nose. 


The results of nasal tip refinement surgery can be dramatic. After the healing process is complete, patients will see a softer, more delicate shape to the nose. The new contours may look more natural and can help to improve facial harmony and balance. In addition, the size and angle of the tip of the nose may be slightly adjusted to provide a more aesthetically pleasing result.

The outcome of nasal tip refinement surgery is usually permanent, but there are some cases where secondary procedures may be necessary if the initial results do not meet expectations. It’s important to remember that each patient’s outcome is unique, so it’s best to talk to your plastic surgeon about what you can expect from the procedure.

Overall, patients who have undergone nasal tip refinement surgery often experience an improved self-image due to their enhanced facial features. If you’re considering the procedure, it’s important to discuss your goals and expectations with your surgeon to ensure that the end result meets your satisfaction. 

Related Procedures You May Be Interested In

Nasal tip refinement is often combined with other nasal surgeries to create a more natural-looking appearance. Some of the most common procedures that are related to nasal tip refinement include rhinoplasty, alar base reduction, and septoplasty.

Rhinoplasty, also known as a “nose job”, is a surgical procedure used to reshape the nose to improve its overall appearance. During a rhinoplasty, the bone and cartilage of the nose can be reduced or augmented to improve the shape, size, and/or symmetry of the nose.

Alar base reduction is a procedure used to reduce the size of the nostrils. This procedure can be performed in conjunction with rhinoplasty and nasal tip refinement to improve the overall appearance of the nose.

Septoplasty is a surgical procedure used to correct a deviated septum. It can also be combined with nasal tip refinement to improve the shape and size of the nose.

When deciding on which procedures to undergo, it is important to discuss all options with your plastic surgeon. They will be able to advise you on what combination of procedures will be best for achieving your desired results.

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