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Breast Asymmetry Glenview

Breast Asymmetry is really the norm not the exception. Recent 3-dimensional studies show that everyone has breast asymmetry in either their breast size, breast shape, chest muscles and ribs that provide a platform for the breast, breast position, breast skin or breast nipple and areola.

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Considerations in correcting breast asymmetry:

If you have found that your breast asymmetry is significant enough that it interferes with your daily life it is probably time to have Dr. Laurie Casas evaluate your breasts. In Chicago and in the North Shore of Chicago for over 23 years Dr. Laurie Casas has been helping individuals better understand their options for correction of their breast asymmetry which can be either congenital or acquired. In cases of congenital breast asymmetry the individual developed at puberty and their breasts developed with significant asymmetries in size and or shape. In cases of acquired breast asymmetry the individual now has breasts that are very different in size and shape possibly because of pregnancy, nursing, weight gain or loss or previous surgery.

After a complete in depth consultation Dr. Laurie Casas will help you better understand your options. These may include:

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