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Mini Neck Lift in Chicago

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What Is A Mini Neck Lift?

Turning back the signs of aging in the face and neck can range from using nonsurgical options to electing a mini neck lift, a full or complete facelift and a necklift. Facial aging is accelerated by gravity, excessive sun exposure, and smoking. The signs are seen on the surface of the face and neck skin as wrinkles and in the deeper layers of the face and neck as soft tissue loss that intensifies skin sagging.

During the initial consultation, Dr. Casas may ask you to point out exactly what you would like to see improved. Dr. Casas may discuss with you additional surgical and nonsurgical procedures that can be performed to improve your result. A mini neck lift is frequently performed in the office setting under light sedation. Dr. Laurie Casas will help you better understand if you are a candidate for this minimal scar neck lift surgery. Weeks prior to surgery, Dr. Casas will prepare your skin for surgery with skin care products incorporating retin-A and often times Botox®, fillers, and soft tissue volumetric agents.

What is the recovery time for a mini neck lift?

A mini neck lift usually takes 1-2 hours and the scars are usually concealed inside the ear structures and sometimes in the crease behind the ear. The goal of the face and neck tightening is to look “fresh,” not pulled and too tight. There are many techniques which Dr. Casas will discuss with you so that your face and neck lift are customized to meet your expectations. After surgery, Dr. Casas will place protective bandages around your head. These bandages will be removed two or three days after surgery. Each patient recovers at a different pace, and Dr. Casas will instruct you to take supplements before and after surgery that will help to decrease the swelling and bruising. Massage therapy is also used to quicken the recovery process. Most patients are back to work in ten to fourteen days and are fully recovered by three to six months.

Patient Testimonials

I Had Two Outstanding Experiences

This past May 31 Dr Casas performed a neck lift on me. Once again I was so impressed with the approach taken by Dr Casas and her whole office. I met with Dr Casas twice specifically to discuss all aspects of the procedure . I was not entirely sure I wanted to proceed. I spoke wth both the Doctor’s nurse and office manager . Both were so knowledgeable and sensitive. There was absolutely no pushing me forward , in fact quite the contrary. Shortly after I met with Dr. Casas the second time I decided to go forward. I am so thrilled I did. While I understand I will be in a “recovery “ mode for up to six months , I am delighted with the results. Dr Casas is truly a perfectionist . I have had quite a few follow up appointments to ensure the healing is proceeding as planned. When it comes to cosmetic surgery , I would not have it any other way.

I am so pleased and grateful for the entirety of my experience from Dr Casas and her team. I have full confidence in recommending Dr Casas.

T Gurber

Neck Lift , Skin Rejuvenation

Dr. Casas prepared me thoroughly for my neck lift . I followed her instructions and had no bruising on my neck . I would trust her implicitly with any further procedures. What I most appreciate about her is her honesty , caring personality and that she is a perfectionist. Through her skin treatments and conservative procedures I look 10 years younger.Thank Dr. Casas

Pat V

Fantastic Care Leads to Beautiful Results

Dr. Casas and her team are fantastic. I had been seeing Dr. Casas for years for fillers and Botox. When we finally agreed it was time to take the next step and have a neck and lower facelift, the care I received was exceptional and I am thrilled with my results. The procedure left me looking natural and at least 10 years younger! I attribute these results to Dr. Casas’ surgical skills, the 8 week prep she had me do to get ready for the surgery, including skin care, diet and supplements, and the most amazing post-surgical care imaginable. And, even with the above and beyond care I received, Dr. Casas’ rate was extremely reasonable. You are in great hands with Dr. Casas and her team!


The Cost of a Mini Neck Lift

As with any surgery, mini neck lift cost can fluctuate based on a few different factors. A range you can expect is anywhere between $3,500 and $20,000. This is based on the complexity of your procedure, techniques used, the surgeon you're working with, and any medical resources used.

Insurance may not be of much help here, but many patients take advantage of payment plans or personal loans to manage the cost of their procedure. Although a mini neck lift can be less invasive than a standard neck lift, the operation can still be quite costly. We'll be able to explore your payment options during your consultation and do our best to structure a price that you can work with. You'll also get the option to take a look at mini neck lift before and after photos from previous patients.

It's important to remember a big factor in the cost of your procedure is the surgeon you work with. This is part of what sets Dr. Casas apart from the rest. You won't be charged for services you don't need, and the financial commitment you make will be in line with what you can afford. We do our best to cater to the exact needs of every patient while providing results that will stay within the financial scope of what you're willing to commit to.

It's understandable to have a few questions about our services and what we can do for you. Feel free to give us a call at 847-657-6884 to have any of your questions answered and schedule a consultation if you'd like to move forward with a mini neck lift procedure.

Where To Find The Best Mini Neck Lift Surgeon In Chicago?

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Frequently Asked Questions On Mini Neck Lifts

Some of this comes down to the preferences of the individual, but the results a mini neck lift can provide have brought happiness to many. Not only can it change the aesthetic and contour of your neck and jawline, but it also offers some newfound confidence. It's a great option if you like what a neck lift has to offer but would rather look into something a little less invasive. Many patients also appreciate the quicker recovery period. The procedure can offer many of the same benefits as a standard neck lift but doesn't require as many invasive techniques. We offer a mini neck lift Chicago has grown to love as we tailor each procedure to the needs of the patient. This comes down to the techniques used, cost, results, and every other aspect that plays a part in our patient's satisfaction.
You shouldn't feel any pain during the procedure as it's performed with the help of local anesthesia. It can also be accompanied by IV sedation. There's no need to worry about feeling any pain during the operation, but that may not be the case while you go through recovery. However, this procedure still comes with less discomfort than a traditional neck lift. You'll still experience minor bruising and swelling after the procedure. With the help of your surgeon's aftercare instructions, you should be able to manage any discomfort just fine.  It should be noted that if you don't follow aftercare instructions, you may encounter more pain and discomfort than you were expecting. Even though this is a minimally invasive procedure, it's still sensitive in nature.  You want to make sure the incision areas have ample time to heal properly, or you may not get the results you're looking for. Any complications with healing could also lead to additional surgical work, which only takes more of a toll on your body's healing process.
Although anyone over the age of 18 can look into getting a mini neck lift, they're usually the most effective once your body starts to show signs of aging. Anywhere between 35 and 60 years old is a great range to get a mini neck lift. You'll be able to enjoy the benefit of a significant change in the aesthetics of your neck and jawline. Since everyone tends to age differently, it's best to make this decision from your own perspective. You can also seek consultation with a surgeon, as they'll be able to point out the enhancements that can be made with the procedure. This isn't to say a younger crowd can't benefit from a mini neck lift, but you may not see much of a difference. For those who are showing more prominent signs of aging, a mini neck lift has a lot to offer. This may be the case for someone at 35 or for people in their late 40s or 50s. If you're going to invest in a surgical cosmetic procedure, you want to make sure you get your money's worth. Overall, the best visible results come to patients who are 35 or older.
The main distinction between a neck lift and a mini neck lift is the number of incisions that have to be made. With a mini neck lift, there's only a single incision behind the chin, within the crux of the neck. Here, liposuction is performed, and the platysma muscle can be tightened. Another difference is that no skin is removed with a mini neck lift procedure. From another angle, if a patient is dealing with more excess skin, a full neck lift may be required. A traditional neck lift includes skin removal and also comes with a few more incisions. The procedure includes an incision behind the chin, as well as incisions behind the ears. A drain will also be needed as a traditional neck lift comes with a bit more fluid build-up after the operation. Your surgeon may suggest one type of procedure over the other for a number of reasons. It could be due to how much skin they're dealing with, the results you're looking for, or even your current health condition. Nevertheless, both achieve a similar goal, but a traditional neck lift offers longer-lasting results.

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