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At Casas Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, we have helped numerous men and women who are in need of a skilled plastic surgeon to perform their inverted nipple procedure in Chicago.

Candidates For Inverted Nipple Surgery

Nipple correction candidates are men or women who feel that their nipples are too large or feel that their nipples are flat and inverted. During your initial consultation, Dr. Casas will review your options to alter the appearance of your nipples.

Often times after childbirth and nursing nipples become long and are difficult to conceal under normal clothing. The nipple projection can be reduced through an incision around the nipple that removes nipple skin. The nipple can then be pushed in and sutured in a less projecting position so that once healed the nipple is less obvious through normal clothes. The ability to nurse (breast feed) can be preserved using this method.

What To Expect From Your Inverted Nipple Procedure

Dr. Casas performs this procedure under local anesthesia and you can expect to resume normal activity that day while protecting the nipple incisions for 2-4 weeks.

This procedure may be performed in the Operating Room or as an In-Office Procedure, depending on the individual and degree of complexity. In many cases, it is a simple in-office procedure with no need for general anesthesia. At the initial consultation, Dr. Casas will be able to determine what options exist on an individual basis. We invite you to come in and explore your options!

The Expertise Of Dr. Casas

10% of women have inverted nipples. Dr. Casas wrote an article titled “Aesthetic and Predictable Correction of the Inverted Nipple” (Aesthetic Surg J 2003;23:353-6) which describes her technique to correct nipples that will not become erect. This procedure is typically done to correct severely inverted nipples. Usually under general anesthesia, a small incision is made along the areola and Dr. Casas releases the fibers that tether the nipple preventing it from becoming erect. The inside of the nipple is sutured together so that the nipple remains erect. The areola incision is closed and the patient wears a protective pad over the incision protecting the nipple for a few months. Normal activity is resumed in a few days.

The Cost Of Nipple Reduction Surgery

Dr. Casas can let you know what the cost of your nipple reduction surgery in Chicago will be during your consultation at Casas Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Price will be based on the techniques used, the extent of the work required, and other factors.

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Contact Casas Aesthetic Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation for your inverted nipple procedure in Chicago. Dr. Casas is a board-certified plastic surgeon who is committed to providing our patients with the outstanding surgical care they need.

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After breastfeeding 4 children, …


Inverted Nipple Procedure Frequently Asked Questions

Inverted breast nipples turn inward, instead of outward, at the center of the nipple. The nipples may always appear inverted or could revert during stimulation. The inverted nipple may also retract and become even with the areola. It may also return back into the breast while resting. An inversion can take place on either a single nipple, or both. It is believed that most breastfeeding mothers may experience an inverted nipple. If you are uncertain, you can conduct a pinch test to determine if your nipples are inverted. The pinch is done by compressing the nipple to force it back out into a normal position. If the nipple retracts, then it becomes inverted.  While at your initial consultation, your surgeon can show you inverted nipple correction before and after photos. That way, you can be more confident that your result will look perfect.  
When the nipples are turned into the breast tissue rather than out in a normal position, it results in what is considered inverted nipples. This is a condition that can occur in both men and women, and it can impact one or both nipples. Nipple retraction can also take place where there is only partial inversion. Although inverted nipples are not bad, they can have a negative effect on self-esteem and relationships. In most cases, the inverted nipple is cosmetic in nature, and will not cause medical issues. Even so, breastfeeding may become a challenge for new mothers experiencing inverted nipples. If the experience occurs continually, it will not be the result of an existing medical condition. However, when the condition is new, a significant issue could be the cause.
Nipples are a unique part of the breast. Because of their uniqueness, inverted nipples are easily correctable. If left uncorrected, cosmetic and functional issues could arise and cause irritation and infection. Due to these concerns, there are some advantages of inverted nipple correction in Chicago, including:
  • Breastfeeding becomes easier - When the nipple is inverted, the baby will have difficulty sucking because the inverted nipple will not be able to reach the soft palate in the baby’s mouth, which triggers the sucking. When the inverted nipple is corrected, it extends, making it easier for the baby to suck.
  • Your self-confidence can be restored - Having an inverted nipple can cause a woman to feel uncomfortable during intimate moments. Having the inverted nipple repaired allows the woman’s self-confidence to return. 
  • Decreased health issues - With the nipple retracted, there is an increased chance of bacteria getting trapped and causing possible reactions. When the inverted nipple is repaired, there is less risk of infection, and the overall risk of health issues will be decreased. 
When the day of your inverted nipple procedure arrives, you can expect an outpatient procedure with local anesthesia. Your surgeon's technique will also depend on the amount of inversion present. Normally, an inverted nipple correction in Chicago is an hour-long procedure. Following the procedure, you should also receive post-op instructions concerning your activity level before being sent home. The recovery takes only a couple of days and involves minimal scarring. The results will be noticeable and long-lasting once the procedure and healing are complete. Arm movements should be limited during the first 48 hours following your inverted nipple correction. You must also refrain from lifting heavy items or supporting yourself with your arms. Gradually, you can resume normal activities a day after the procedure. You should avoid strenuous exercise and activity for at least two weeks. After two weeks, non-impact exercise can be resumed - such as a stationary bike, Stairmaster, elliptical, or arc trainer. At three weeks, you can begin to conduct upper body work, running, and impact aerobics at a comfortable level. As you resume activity, exercise should be slow and tolerable.
If you are experiencing inverted nipples, you may feel the need to have them corrected through surgery. When performed, inverted nipple repair in Chicago allows the patient to regain their confidence and restore their relationship’s intimacy. Understanding the procedure begins with the comprehension of the three stages of inverted nipples.
  • Stage I - At this stage, the nipples are inverted while resting, but protrude once stimulated
  • Stage II - The inverted nipples at this stage invert while resting but can be manually everted with traction.
  • Stage III - These inverted nipples remain inverted and are unable to protrude on their own or through manual manipulation. Inverted nipples at Stage III may involve unilateral nipple inversion or bilateral nipple inversion. The amount of nipple inversion may be symmetrical or asymmetrical for both nipples.
Most inverted nipples will be congenital or familial in nature, with the main cause stemming from the lactiferous duct being shortened and thick. At times, the inverted nipple may be successfully corrected without surgery. This nonsurgical route will be used on Stage I nipples. The non-surgical method works well on Stage I because the use of traction will help the nipple revert. Of course, having a nursing baby also helps through their sucking, which creates suction on the nipple. Also, a Niplette suction device can be used to apply negative pressure and reverse inverted nipples. When the inversion is mild, the chances for success will be more likely as will the overall response to the method.   Inverted nipples that are Stage II will be more severe than Stage I by appearing more inverted. They have a similar appearance to Stage I when stimulated but will revert immediately afterward.   If the inverted nipple is Stage III, then there will be a higher possibility that surgery will be needed to correct the inverted nipple. If surgery is required, there are numerous options available in order to correct the inverted nipple. The incisions will be made around the areola to create a flap of skin to make the correction. The areola may also be opened and corrected by dividing the tissue and suturing internally.   In recent times, procedures that produce minimal scars have been developed to help correct inverted nipples. The most reliable technique used for correcting inverted nipples is by dividing the lactiferous duct. Inverted nipple correction in Chicago will likely involve local anesthesia, although general anesthesia may be an option. Once discharged, you should avoid compression for at least seven days.

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