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Are you self-conscious about the appearance of your thighs? If you answered yes, you are not alone. As we age, the skin loses its normal elasticity, resulting in sagging of the skin which is commonly seen along the thighs.  In addition, after a significant weight loss, residual excess skin can result in an unappealing sagging of the skin. 

Because the changes in the thighs are due to drooping skin, no amount of exercise or weight loss can improve their appearance. Fortunately, there are options to help remove the excess skin and improve the firmness and appearance of the thighs. 

The thigh lift procedure is designed to remove excess skin and fat to reshape the thighs resulting in tighter, smoother skin. The result is younger, more aesthetically pleasing thighs that you will be confident showing off in the warmer months. 


What is a Thigh Lift in Chicago?

A thigh lift, sometimes called a thighplasty, is a procedure specifically designed to sculpt the inner and/or outer thighs by removing excess skin and in some cases fat. By tightening the remaining skin along the thighs, a surgical thigh lift results in a firmer, tighter appearance and an overall improved body image. Two types of thigh lifts exist: an inner thigh lift and an outer thigh lift. 

Inner Thigh Lift

As the most common plastic surgery procedure for the upper legs, an inner thigh lift utilizes an incision along the crease of the groin. This strategic placement allows the incision to be hidden by clothes and bathing suits. Excess skin of the inner thigh is removed using this incision, the remaining skin is pulled taut, and the incision is closed using sutures. 

Outer Thigh Lift

An outer thigh lift utilizes an incision along the hipbone to help minimize the prominence of the scar. The excess skin below the hip is removed, the remaining skin is pulled taut, and the incision is closed using sutures. This procedure can be performed in conjunction with an inner thigh lift or by itself. 


Am I a Good Candidate for a Thigh Lift Procedure?

The ideal candidate for a thigh lift procedure is often unhappy with the excess soft tissue along their inner and/or outer thighs. They should be in good physical and mental health without any conditions that could increase the risk of complications or that would compromise healing. A good candidate should be a nonsmoker and have realistic expectations of what a thigh lift can accomplish for them.

When undergoing this procedure, the candidate must be at a healthy, stable weight and not have plans for additional weight loss. Candidates committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including proper nutrition and exercise, are important for the long-term success of this procedure.


Why Choose Dr. Casas for a Thigh Lift

Dr. Casas is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has developed a successful practice built on trust and commitment to excellent patient care. As a female plastic surgeon, Dr. Casas understands each patient is different with inherent body structures, lifestyles, and desires for the procedure. Applying her expertise and experience, Dr. Casas offers both inner and outer thigh lift procedures, in addition to many other services to provide the best outcomes for her patients.

Dr. Casas has been recognized as being the very best in her specialty for the past five years by Castle Connolly’s Top Doctor reviews. Because of Dr. Casas’s expertise and award-winning patient care, she has been invited to teach other plastic surgeons both on the national and international levels. 

Dr. Casas has been serving the Chicago area for over thirty years and is located in Glenview, IL. As a trusted authority in cosmetic plastic surgery, you are in great hands with Dr. Casas, where you will experience exceptional results with a personalized touch.


Average Thigh Lift Cost in Chicago

In Chicago, the average cost of a surgical thigh lift is around $5,300 with the actual cost dependent on many different factors. Factors determining the overall cost include the expertise and experience of the surgeon, the geographic region, and any additional procedures performed. Dr. Casas will discuss the exact cost of your individualized treatment plan during the initial consultation.


What is Included in the Cost?

When looking at the overall cost of a procedure, it is important to understand what is included in that price. Our price will include surgeon fees, post-operative appointments, and any post-surgical garments needed after the procedure. For a thigh lift procedure, general anesthesia is required, therefore the cost of the anesthesia, anesthesiologist, facility fee, and support staff used during the procedure will be included in the price. You will be provided a detailed explanation at the initial consultation to prevent any surprises during your recovery.


Factors That Determine the Cost of the Procedure

In Chicago, the overall cost of a surgical thigh lift will depend on many factors and is customized to each individual patient. Aspects that influence the overall cost can include the following items.

Surgeon Experience and Expertise 

Experienced plastic surgeons can provide exceptional outcomes often with lower complication rates. Due to these reasons, they are often in high demand, resulting in higher upfront costs. However, with fewer complications and improved results, the overall cost can actually be less as fewer additional surgeries will be required. 

As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Casas has undergone years of extensive training in reconstructive surgery and has completed oral and written board examinations to ensure her skills and competency. Dr. Casas has also invested a lot of time and money in staying current with evolving surgical techniques to provide the highest quality of care. 

Surgical Location

The thigh lift procedure is performed under general anesthesia in an outpatient surgical facility or hospital resulting in additional surgical site fees that can impact the total surgery cost.

Geographic Location 

As one of the largest cities, Chicago has a much higher demand for cosmetic procedures and higher operating costs for businesses than smaller cities. This then influences the cost of surgical procedures resulting in higher overall costs. 


What to Expect Before, During, and After a Thigh Lift in Chicago

Initial Consultation

At the initial consultation, Dr. Casas will examine your thighs and lower body, noting the skin’s elasticity and the amount of excess skin and fat. After identifying all problem areas, together, you and Dr. Casas will decide whether a thigh lift alone or in combination with a butt lift, abdominoplasty, liposuction, or other procedures will best achieve your expectations. Following this discussion, a customized plan and detailed explanation of the involved costs will be formulated to provide you with the best understanding of what will be required to achieve the desired youthful, healthy appearance.

During Your Thigh Lift Procedure

Surgical thigh lifts are performed under general anesthesia in an operating room at either an outpatient surgical facility or a hospital. Before the procedure, Dr. Casas will draw various marks on your body to identify the sites to be addressed during the surgery. Once confirmed, you will be placed under general anesthesia and whenever possible, Dr. Casas will conceal the incisions in areas that are covered by undergarments or bathing suits. Upon completion of the surgery, the incisions will be closed and small tubes connected to collection devices may be used to help reduce swelling. 

The Recovery Process

The day after surgery, Dr. Casas will encourage you to move around slightly to promote blood circulation and reduce the risk of blood clots. However, she will ask you to avoid straining, bending, and lifting for at least four weeks to help reduce scarring. The narrow tubes placed to help drain fluid that creates swelling are typically removed within one week. Dr. Casas will ask you to continue to wear the support garment for a few months after surgery to further minimize swelling during the recovery process. 

Patients are typically able to return to non-strenuous work within two to four weeks. Some patients may experience temporary numbness around the incision site that will improve as the nerves repair themselves. Still, you will be able to enjoy your reshaped thighs within months as your incisions fully heal and the swelling has subsided.

Dr. Casas also uses Manual Lymphatic Drainage, administered by massage, after each procedure to reduce swelling. The number of sessions is individualized. During the postoperative time, it is important that patients follow a healthy lifestyle leading up to and following procedures, including non-smoking, a healthy diet, and daily vitamins. Click here to learn more.

Dr. Casas and her team use Alastin Products with Tripeptides and Hexapeptides to improve and hasten your recovery following procedures.  Her research has shown that by using topical treatments following procedures, there is less postprocedural swelling, pain, and discomfort. There is also an overall improved skin quality, visually and to the touch. Here at Casas Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, we strive to optimize patient experience and satisfaction following procedures. 

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Topical Treatment with Tripeptide and Hexapeptide Following Body-Contouring Procedures Improved Patient-Reported Recovery Outcomes

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Risks of a Thigh Lift

As with all surgical procedures, a thigh lift procedure is associated with some risks and before proceeding with this procedure it is important you understand these risks. These risks can include:

  • The risk associated with anesthesia
  • Bleeding
  • Development of a fluid collection (seroma) postoperatively
  • Infection
  • Blood clots in the legs or lungs (deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism)
  • Poor wound healing and scarring
  • Persistent pain or swelling

Although these risks can occur, it is important to discuss with Dr. Casas your individual health and lifestyle habits that can increase or reduce these risks. In addition, as with all cosmetic surgeries, there is always a possibility of revision surgery. During the initial consultation, Dr. Casas can answer any questions regarding these risks and the methods she takes to prevent them.


Schedule a Consultation with Dr. Casas 

Have you experienced a significant weight loss or just seem to have excess sagging of skin along your thighs. Obtain firmer, slimer thighs that can boost your self-esteem and self-confidence with a surgical thigh lift. Dr. Casas is a world-renowned, female board-certified plastic surgeon with the experience to provide you with optimal results in a comfortable, non-judgemental environment. 

In you want to see what a thigh lift can do for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Casas by calling our office at (847) 657-6884.

Dr. Casas and her team use Alastin Products with Tripeptides and Hexapeptides to improve and hasten your recovery following procedures.  Her research shows that using topical treatment following procedures, there is less postprocedural swelling, pain and discomfort. There is also an overall improved skin quality visually and to the touch.   Here at Casas Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, we strive to optimize patient experience and satisfaction following procedures.


Thigh Lift Frequently Asked Questions

Thigh lift results are typically regarded as permanent. However, the postoperative lifestyle choices you make can significantly affect the longevity of this procedure. As we age, the natural skin support components like collagen and elastin begin to be produced in lesser amounts resulting in skin sagging. Therefore, the better you take care of the health of your skin, the better your skin can resist the tendencies to sag and the longer your results will last. Additionally, maintaining your weight following the procedure plays an important role in improving the duration of your results. If you are to gain weight postoperatively and then undergo a significant weight loss, there is a chance you will be left with excess skin that can diminish your previous results. 
A surgical thigh lift removes excess skin and fat that has developed along the inner and/or outer thighs as a result of aging or a significant weight loss. During the procedure, the surgeon will determine the amount of excess skin that needs to be removed and will subsequently excise the excess using an incision placed in locations that reduce scarring and can hide the incisions with commonly worn clothing.  After removing the excess skin, the remaining skin is pulled tight, allowing the incision to be closed, and sutures hold the edges together as the skin heals. This leaves you with tighter, smoother skin and a significantly improved contour to the thighs. Overall, the appearance and youthfulness of the legs are dramatically enhanced.
The pain after a thigh lift surgery is typically mild to moderate compared to other cosmetic surgeries. During the procedure, short and long-acting local anesthetics are placed along the incisions to help minimize the immediate pain post op. In addition, pain medications are prescribed to manage the initial pain, but many are able to transition to over-the-counter medications within a few days of the procedure. Thighness, discomfort, and numbness may be experienced when sitting in a certain position for a prolonged amount of time. However, once getting up and moving around, the symptoms will quickly subside. Over time, these sensations will improve over the first six weeks after the procedure.
Unfortunately, a thigh lift will not actually get rid of cellulite, but rather by tightening the skin, the thigh lift may reduce its appearance. Therefore, for patients with mild cellulite and sagging skin, a thigh lift may be able to produce the results desired, especially with the use of non-surgical treatments such as cellulite creams and radiofrequency treatments.  However, if patients with severe cellulite with multiple dimples and sagging skin, a thigh lift may be recommended in addition to liposuction. The liposuction procedure is very effective at removing cellulite and can significantly improve the results in this patient group. 
During the first two weeks, short daily walks around the house are encouraged, however, any unnecessary tasks should be reduced or avoided. At two weeks, you can begin to slowly walk around the house for up to as many as 15 times a day, but all strenuous and vigorous activity should be avoided. At four to six weeks, the incisions will be fully healed and you can return to walking and light activities. However, avoid strenuous exercises until your surgeon has given you the approval to begin them.


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Dr. Laurie Casas is quoted as an expert throughout the world, and can be found on television, online, and in national publications such as the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Cosmopolitan Magazine.

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