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Pre Childbirth Labiaplasty Chicago

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure to reduce and/or reshape disproportionate or “hanging” labia minora (the inner folds of skin surrounding the vulvar opening of the vagina) that protrude past the distal edge of the labia majora. This protrusion may cause functional impairment, irritation, discomfort and dissatisfaction with appearance, even in young women who have not had children. Dr. Laurie Casas’ extensive experience and consistent 100% patient satisfaction ratings demonstrate her superlative results performing this procedure that have given many young women a better quality of life.

Reasons for Pre-Partum Labiaplasty

Although pre-partum (before childbirth) labiaplasty has been somewhat controversial, there are many valid reasons to choose a vaginal rejuvenation surgery prior to giving birth. It is important to remember that pre-partum labiaplasty is often not a cosmetic procedure. A study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that “the majority of patients undergoing reduction of the labia minora do so for functional reasons with minimal outside influences affecting their decision for treatment.”1 This means that young women who choose labiaplasty as a corrective measure are doing so, not because of the common misperception that they are influenced by pop culture or exposure to pornography, but because they have difficulties in activities of daily living.

Many young women who are yet to have children are congenitally born with protruding labia minora. This makes panties, workout wear, fitted pants and jeans cause rashes, swelling and pain. In addition, these young women may have athletic, sexual or urinary difficulties, challenging her quality of life, functionality and self-confidence.

Pre Childbirth Labiaplasty Before & After
Pre Childbirth Labiaplasty Before & After

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Labiaplasty Results

A February 2014 article in the journal Psychological Medicine concluded that women who chose labiaplasty preoperatively reported not only increased dissatisfaction with the appearance of their genitalia, but also lower functional and sexual satisfaction. They also reported significant distress regarding quality of life in terms of body image.2 The International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics found that 100% of women who underwent a labiaplasty reported “an improvement in comfort with respect to any form of original functional discomfort.” With regard to sexuality, the same study found that 95% of the sexually active women reported physical or psychological distress before the procedure and 100% of these women reported “total disappearance of this symptomatology,” after the procedure.3 See testimonials about Dr. Casas’ 100% patient satisfaction rating at https://casasprd.wpengine.com/plastic-surgery-testimonials-chicago/labiaplasty-testimonial/.

Pre-Partum Age for Labiaplasty

Another hotly debated topic everywhere from fashion magazines to scientific journals is the appropriate age for pre-partum labiaplasty. Most sources agree that determining the appropriate age at which a pre-partum labiaplasty can be performed depends largely on the young woman’s maturity level and motivations. Dr. Casas performs a comprehensive examination in this regard with each patient individually to determine if she is a candidate for the procedure.

What to Expect

In your consultation, Dr. Laurie Casas will review your individual case, your postoperative expectations and discuss your options. She will instruct you with regard to preoperative care, nutrition, and health. Dr. Casas will explain to you what to expect immediately after surgery as well as long-term reasonable expectations. The procedure is performed in Dr. Casas’ office under local anesthesia with oral sedation and 100% of her patients report the procedure to be completely comfortable and very discreet. You will have thorough follow up, including postoperative examination(s) and aftercare, and she is always available should you have questions after your procedure.

See more about Dr. Laurie Casas’ labiaplasty procedure at https://casasprd.wpengine.com/body-contouring-procedures-chicago/complete-labiaplasty/ and https://casasprd.wpengine.com/body-contouring-procedures-chicago/minimal-labiaplasty/.


Dr. Casas’ labiaplasty procedure offers a safe solution to both discomfort and aesthetic appearance with 100% of her patients reporting superior results. If you are experiencing discomfort, functional impairments, or dissatisfaction that interferes with your activities of daily living, labiaplasty may be an excellent choice for you. Call Dr. Casas at 847-657-6884 to schedule a consultation.


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