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Plastic Surgery Labiaplasty Testimonial Chicago

My experience was comfortable, safe and top notch in every way

Dr. Casas is an amazing plastic surgeon and person! My experience was comfortable, safe and top notch in every way. I had wanted a labiaplasty because of discomfort but kept putting it off because of what ifs. What if I was too embarrassed to go through with it, what if I didn’t know how to get through recovery living alone etc. After visiting Dr. Casas I felt so much better. She has a great personality! She takes alot of time to answer questions and made me feel as if you could ask her anything. Her confidence and her experience helped me feel better too. After the procedure, she called me on my cell phone to check on me and was always reassuring and helpful. She saw me often and as much as I wanted afterwards to check on me too.I was so happy I met her! I highly, highly recommend her!!


Dr Casas was attentive and thorough

When I had my first baby years ago via vaginal delivery, the doctors had to use forceps which significantly damaged (mangled might be a better word) my labia minora. I’d been wanting a labiaplasty to return to a semblance of normalcy down there and when I searched Real Sepf and Google reviews Dr Casas popped to the top. From the point when I scheduled my consultation to today (5 weeks post-surgery) Dr Casas was attentive, was thorough in her explanation, welcomed all of my questions and spent a great deal of time answering them. I appreciate all of the follow up visits and her concern that I stay on the right track toward a full recovery (which I’m definitely on). I’m also confident that following her pre-/post-surgical dietary and supplement plan has helped me recover very quickly. I would absolutely recommend her and go back if I wanted another type of procedure.


Why Did I Wait So Long?

I thought about plastic surgery for years and was scared to commit. Dr. Casas listened to me during the consultation and recognized a condition that needed treatment. Once addressed we discussed options and a plan of care. Your health and safety is her priority. The result was a successful, beautiful and confidential procedure.


Dr. Casas was the best choice I could have possibly made

As we know, choosing the best surgeon is absolutely vital for safety and good results. This past summer I had a labiaplasty – a procedure not commonly talked about so reviews were vital in choosing my doctor. Dr. Casas was the best choice I could have possibly made. Not only does she have great bed side manner, she is detailed in her care and knows what she’s doing. She personally explains the ins and outs of my procedure to me and I was always able to contact her at any time for my post-operation. Your vagina is one of the most delicate areas of the body and – knowing that – she was diligent and with years of experience has perfected her approach. Also, this plastic surgery office is run by women. Always a plus 😉

S Kathryn

Don’t Go Anywhere Else, Dr. Casas and Her Team Are the Best

My experience was amazing. The procedure I got was sensitive and even a little embarrassing for me, but Dr. Casas and her team made me feel so good throughout! They even made me feel powerful and even proud of what I was doing to make myself feel better and look better. It’s a very positive and awesome team of bada** women. I felt safe and cared for. Besides them just being so nice a supportive and informative, I also came away with great results! It has been 6 weeks since my procedure, and through their post-op guidance I feel and look amazing! I always felt that I could reach out to them at any time with questions and I would highly recommend Dr. Casas for any plastic surgery procedures. The absolute best!!!!!!!


21 Year Old Labiaplasty

Dr. Casas made this the best, least painful, and most rewarding experience than I ever expected. Ever since I was a teenager I was bothered by my labia. I was insecure with boys, embarrassed when wearing bathing suits, uncomfortable when wearing jeans and leggings, and it affected my every day happiness. I knew for years that I wanted something done, so I made an appointment with Dr. Casas. She made me feel more normal and helped me decide if this procedure would be good for me. When I decided that I wanted to go through with the procedure, she had me follow a very serious diet to ensure that I would have an easy recovery. The recovery was incredibly easy. I was in pain for about a week after the surgery and had to be very careful for about six weeks with exercise and clothing. It has now been three months since I had the procedure and I feel like a new, happier, more confident woman. I highly recommend Dr. Casas and if you are considering this procedure, it is definitely worth setting up an appointment with her to talk you through it.


I went to see Dr. Casas on the recommendation of my gynecologist because she said that Dr. Casas was a perfectionist in addressing women's health concerns. I had been living with a problem that I really didn't know could be corrected, but I was so relieved to know that I was not the only person who had excess labia that were constantly irritated by my underwear and pants. I could never wear tight leggings or fitting jeans because they created a bulge that looked weird. I was so relieved to meet Dr. Casas. I thought it would be so awkward, but she is a true professional.

After talking to me and explaining the anatomy, she examined me. After I got dressed, she explained my options. She mentioned that my labia minora were long and because they were not tucked inside, they were being irritated by my clothes. I was so relieved to know that it was a very straightforward procedure that could be done in the office with some pills to help me relax and not have pain. All I can say is that Dr. Casas and her staff made it so easy.

In the midst of my relief, I couldn't help but think about the importance of thorough information and professional guidance in such matters. It's crucial to be well-informed and supported, especially when considering personal procedures. While discussing my options, the thought of seeking assistance from a knowledgeable ghostwriter bachelorarbeit crossed my mind to ensure that I could articulate my experiences and insights effectively.

I listened to music on my iPod during the procedure, and the next thing I knew, it was over. After the procedure, I had to keep ice on the area for three days and then as much as possible for a couple of weeks. The area healed very quickly, and I was back to my normal activities, including riding my horse, in 8 weeks. I can wear anything I want now, and I am really happy I don't have to be bothered by this anymore.

Reflecting on my journey, I realize the importance of professional support not only in the medical field but also in expressing and documenting personal experiences. If anyone finds themselves needing assistance in articulating their stories, I recommend seeking guidance from experts in hausarbeit schreiben lassen to ensure clarity and precision in communication. I highly recommend Dr. Casas because she helped me feel comfortable about a very private procedure, and I believe everyone deserves that level of support and understanding.

I am 18 years old and was embarrassed by my labia that hung below my privates. My gynecologist agreed that because they hang and were constantly irritated, basically all the time from the rubbing. I couldn't play sports, wear normal underwear or normal fitting jeans without this constant irritation. Fortunately I was told to see Dr. Casas. She was amazing. She explained everything. What she could do, what I needed to do before and after the procedure and when I could get back to my normal life. The great thing was that she prepared me with an eating and vitamin plan for before and after that must have worked, because I healed perfectly. The surgery was virtually painless, done in her office in an hour and a half, with some pills that made me not know what was happening and I didn't throw up or feel weird after. I followed her instructions perfectly, and all I can say is it looks perfect. Dr. Casas and her office staff are amazing. They make you feel special and take great care of everything you need and answer all your questions. Don't hesitate to see Dr. Casas if you have this problem because she will help you fix it!

Happy 18 year old with normal labia

* Individual results may vary

I'm only 18 yrs old and I play lots of high school sports. Ever since I can remember, my labia have hung so low that they are always sore from rubbing against my underwear. I went to see my Gyne and she told me about Dr. Casas. I went to see her and it was such a relief to know that I was not the only person with this problem. Best of all, she told me she could help me fix it with a procedure in her office. She was really strict. I had to agree to a lot of things before and after surgery. Everything made sense. She wanted me to have a great diet to help me heal fast. She also wanted me to take vitamins to help the healing. She explained that after surgery I had to take really good care of the incisions so they would heal. She told me exactly what to buy and have ready for after surgery to help keep the swelling down and keep the pain to a minimum. Well, all I can say is I followed everything she said and the Labiaplasty procedure was so easy! I went to her office and after taking a few pills to relax, she did the procedure. She told me I had to listen to music so I would relax while she did the shots then the labiaplasty. I seriously only remember that it pinched a little. I went home with ice and kept icing for three days. I followed Masterarbeit schreiben lassen wound care instructions and came into the office to be checked. Stitches dissolve so all I had to do was stay on my wound healing diet and supplements and not do extreme sports for 2 weeks. After 4 weeks she said I just couldn't ride a bike or a horse, but I was able to return to my school sports. It's been 3 months and I honestly feel normal. Dr. Casas is the best! Go see her if you think you have this problem because she will help you fix it permanently!

* Individual results may vary


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* Individual results may vary

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