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Forever Young BBL HERO™ for Facial Vessels and Flushing

BBL HERO™ treats unwanted broken capillaries and small blood vessels that are in clusters (telangiectasias). Often rosacea and facial flushing commonly found on the face and around the nose can be treated successfully. We work closely with our dermatology colleagues to help your resistant Rosacea breakouts. Treatment is fast, easy and well tolerated with minimal discomfort. Minimal redness may occur, usually lasting 24 hours. Using the principle of photothermolysis (light & heat), the treatment targets different areas of the skin which selectively absorbs the light energy as heat and then yields the desired response. Damaged vessels blanch, and then are absorbed by the body within 10-14 days, removing the appearance of the vessel from the skin. Repeat treatments are often needed.
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