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Healthy Lifestyle – Every bride wants to feel refreshed and energized on her wedding day. A healthy lifestyle is the base for looking your best throughout the wedding process. Stress is inevitable when you are planning a wedding, and we have some tips that will help you make it through looking better than ever. Stress can appear in many forms, with one’s skin being a primary and especially vulnerable area for the natural effects of stress to manifest. A good and nutritionally sound diet, plenty of sleep and good, consistent skincare can do wonders to help a Bride look her best!
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Skincare – Having healthy, glowing skin is important to every bride. We will individualize your skin care program based on your age, skin type, areas of concern and the length of time before the wedding. You may want to add peels and injectables to your regimen prior to the wedding. Timing is important – even when considering improvements – and we can help you, the Bride and your Bridal party strategize.

Botox and Dysport – Having Botox or Dysport is recommended for all of the close up wedding photographs. These injections will help reduce unwanted crow’s feet, wrinkles in the forehead, and lines between the brows which can make you look tired and angry. We recommend having these injections at least 3-4 weeks before a wedding for best results.
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Fillers – Do you have deep nasolabial folds, sagging in the prejowl area, undereye circles or fine lines around your lips that you would like corrected before the wedding? If so, fillers are a great option to immediately correct these issues. Fillers should be performed at least 4 weeks before the wedding in order to reduce the potential for bruising and swelling.
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