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Category Archives: Non-surgical Facelift

Q:  Is there such a thing as a Non-Surgical Facelift?

Q:  Is there such a thing as a Non-Surgical Facelift? A:  Dr. Laurie Casas has redefined the approach to maintaining a natural and youthful face by creating treatment plans using minimally invasive technology catered to each individual patient.  Dr. Casas will study your photos from your youth to help you understand the aging process and offer long term care […]

Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons Debate the Validity of the Nonsurgical Facelift and Discuss Best Approaches to Address Facial Aging

PR Newswire, Montreal, QC, Canada (May 17, 2015) Is there such a thing as a nonsurgical facelift? Aesthetic plastic surgeons are conducting a panel discussion at The Aesthetic Meeting 2015, the annual meeting of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), to determine whether a nonsurgical facelift is a legitimate cosmetic procedure. Surgeons discussed […]

My Hands Look So Much Younger!

We wanted to share with you a recent testimonial from one of our satisfied patients who underwent a Radiesse / Hand Rejuvenation treatment. Please read below: “Dear Dr. Casas: Thank you for helping my hands look so much younger. As you know my hands looked veiny and old with sun spots. Thanks to your skin […]

Lip Enhancement with Restylane

My lips are disappearing! Can I have lip enhancement and still look natural instead of having big duck lips? Dr. Casas can help you achieve your goal of natural lip enhancement with a safe, effective office procedure using a facial filler called Restylane. Restylane is the only FDA approved dermal filler for lip enhancement. Together […]

Help my Hair grow back!

Question: Does low level light therapy help grow hair back? I have seen some good results! Answer: Dr. Casas’s partner, Dr. Josie Tenore from Turn Back Time medispa has been kind enough to answer this one! According to Dr. Tenore: “There are some preliminary studies that have shown this to be true. In fact there […]

Get fuller, darker and stronger eye lashes with Latisse!

Question:Can Latisse help me attain fuller, darker and stronger eye lashes? Also, what should I know about Latisse prior to usage? Answer: For readers who are looking to enhance their eyelashes, Latisse may be just be the product you’ve been searching for! Thankfully the FDA recently approved this prescription treatment for those who suffer from […]

Are Facial Fillers Safe and Reliable?

Question: Are facial fillers safe and reliable, and how do I know which one is best for me? Answer: Excellent question. Yes, they are safe if performed by a qualified surgeon who has evaluated you in a safe environment such as a doctor’s office or medispa that is physician owned and operated. Dr. Casas strongly […]

Casas Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Highland Park

Question: Does Dr. Casas own or operate a Medispa? Answer: We are very pleased to announce that Casas Aesthetic Plastic Surgery now has a second location in Highland Park, Illinois! Dr. Casas will now be offering consultations for cosmetic surgery procedures of the face, neck, and body at the Highland Park location in addition to […]

How Do I Regain My Youthful Appearance?

Question: What do you think would be the best way to make me look less haggard, saggy , wrinkly, and ‘caved in’? When I compare and look at pictures of myself from 10 years ago, my cheeks were much higher and fuller – now they are sunken looking, with large folds and wrinkles and it […]

Considering Facial Fillers to Erase Aging Lines?

Question: I am considering facial fillers or injections to erase aging lines – how do I avoid the ‘over-filled’ and overdone look I often see in town, on celebrities and in the media. Is it the filler or is it the injector that creates that puffy look? Answer: When you express interest in facial fillers, […]

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