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Restylane® Facts Part 2

Published on August 5, 2012

Continuing our education series about the dermal and facial filler family Restylane®, I want to go into the questions around treatment areas for Restylane®. Restylane® is most commonly used for Lip Enhancement (volume and contouring). It is used to diminish

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Fourth of July Specials

Published on July 3, 2012

Now is the time to enhance your body and feel confident! We make it easy for you with our Fourth of July specials. 2 day only this week Thursday and Friday at our MediSpa location. We have a few open

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July Promotions

Published on June 30, 2012

Fresh off the press. We have some exciting specials in our July Promotion. Check out our specials for Radiesse Fillers Coolsculpting Sculptra Surgery Procedures Call now for your complimentary consultation. *Please email [email protected] or [email protected] for additional details and to

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What, When, and Why I Use Fillers and Toxins?

Published on June 6, 2012

Dr. Laurie A. Casas is presenting at the 2012 Vegas Cosmetic Surgery symposium on a wide range of topics. Her lecture on Friday, June 8th, 2012 is titled: What, When, and Why I Use Fillers and Toxins? Anatomically Based Agent

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Are You Doing Your Part To Age Gracefully?

Published on March 26, 2012

Question:To begin, I’m in my early twenties. At this point I don’t realistically need surgical procedures. I’m very well disciplined in no smoking, sleeping on my back, using moisturizer, sun screen and eye cream, 8 glasses of water a day

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Your Voice is Needed: Oppose The Cosmetic Surgery Tax

Published on March 23, 2012

ASPS has launched a hotline for our members and their patients to contact their Senators on the 5% cosmetic tax. Senators say they are not hearing from you and your patients. ASPS has spoken publicly against the addition of this

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Why Choose Restylane or Perlane from All the Other Possible Fillers?

Published on March 23, 2012

Question: With all the options for Facial Soft tissue fillers available, why should I choose Restylane® or Perlane®? Answer: Restylane® continues to be the #1 dermal filler in the world. Restylane® is a safe skin filler made with hyaluronic acid

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Prepare for your Facelift Surgery

Published on March 22, 2012

Question: What do I do to prepare for facelift surgery? Answer I require my patients to have a healthy lifestyle that involves smoking cessation, healthy eating and exercise leading to a stable weight. Sun protection is key as well as

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Look Your Best This Holiday Season!

Published on March 22, 2012

Question: I’d love to consider doing a few cosmetic “improvements” before the holidays but don’t have much time to commit to a long recovery. I’m wondering if there are outpatient procedures that don’t require extensive recoveries and expenses. What do

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Casas Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Highland Park

Published on March 22, 2012

Question: Does Dr. Casas own or operate a Medispa? Answer: We are very pleased to announce that Casas Aesthetic Plastic Surgery now has a second location in Highland Park, Illinois! Dr. Casas will now be offering consultations for cosmetic surgery

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