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Category Archives: Arm Lift

Options for Sagging Arms, Stomach and Thighs

QuestionI have lost 65 pounds and now look like a melting candle. What options do I have for my sagging arms, stomach, thighs? Answer Congratulations on the weight loss! I understand the need to alter the “melting candle” look resulting from this dramatic drop in weight. To achieve your desired image we might be looking […]

Working Out Isn’t Helping My Flabby Arms, What Else Can I Do?

Question: I work out constantly and I still cannot seem to decrease my flabby arms. The hanging skin bothers me so much that I want to consider a surgical option if there is one. Is that possible? Answer: After a thorough evaluation we will decide if liposuction, mini brachioplasty or full brachioplasty is the appropriate […]

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