Q:  Is there such a thing as a Non-Surgical Facelift?

A:  Dr. Laurie Casas has redefined the approach to maintaining a natural and youthful face by creating treatment plans using minimally invasive technology catered to each individual patient.  Dr. Casas will study your photos from your youth to help you understand the aging process and offer long term care to combat these changes.  By following this long term care approach, many of Dr. Casas’ patients have been able to eliminate the need for a surgical face lift.  Other patients using this approach have been able to maintain their youthful appearance with timely but few surgical procedures like a mini facelift, neck lift and eyelid surgery.

This longitudinal combination approach includes:

  • Neurotoxins- DysportXeomin and Botox are used to relax the facial muscles that create tension and wrinkles on our skin
  • Injectables- Fillers like Volumaand RadiesseandSculptra, a biostimulant, are used to recreate structure and give lift to the aging face.  Sculptra is not a filler, instead, it is a biostimulant to increase and restore collagen where it was lost.
  •  Light energy Based procedures- IPL is used to lighten pigment and eliminate vessels while Fractional non-ablative resurfacing is used to help increase collagen production, improve fine lines and skin texture
  • Tissue tightening and neck contouring with Precision is the perfect option for patients concerned with loose skin and fat around their neck area.   There are newer devices such as Ulthera but Dr. Casas is still reviewing their outcomes to ensure only the best technology for her patients

Dr. Casas will work with you throughout your lifetime to maintain your individual beauty by choosing options for you that are the least invasive, most effective and safe.  Her consultations are known for being in depth, thorough and patient centered to ensure you achieve your goals.

Dr. Casas will discuss a patient’s short-term and long-term aesthetic goals.   During the consultation, she’ll also provide information about typical downtime or recovery recommendations as it relates to the patient’s lifestyle.   The patient’s budget and personal timing are also important considerations.

Dr. Casas uses a pan-facial approach using photos throughout the decades to track your personal aging process.  Through the use of this multi-disciplinary perspective, Dr. Casas can help decrease or prolong the need for major surgeries.  This approach has increased patient satisfaction by decreasing down time needed for recovery, mitigating costs and allowing for the best aesthetic outcomes. These new technological advances have allowed plastic surgeons, like Dr. Casas to evolve their practice into a new era where surgery is not the only option.

Dr. Casas was a moderator for this question at the last American Society of Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) meeting in Montreal, Canada.  Read more at: https://casasprd.wpengine.com/casas-blogs/best-approaches-to-address-facial-aging/


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