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Get YOUR body back! Restore or improve your post-pregnancy body. Embrace being a woman. Embrace your curves. Dr. Laurie Casas has an active interest in helping Mommy’s in and around the Chicago North Shore bring back their confidence. As a board certified cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr. Laurie A. Casas offers many procedures for Mommy Restoration. Love being a woman again and explore some of the common options for “Mommy Makeovers”. And if you have a specific question or would like to make an appointment for a consultation we’d love to hear from you, contact us today!

Common “Mommy Makeover” and “After-Pregnancy” Procedures

Tummy TuckBreast LiftBreast AugmentationBreast Reduction

“Mommy Makeover” Articles

“Women are emotionally traumatized when a beautiful event like pregnancy and lactation adversely affects their breasts”

Dr. Laurie Casas lends her expertise to New Beauty Magazine in an article about breast enhancement surgery after pregnancy. Dr. Casas says that many new moms undergo breast augmentation in addition to a breast lift to restore volume and firmness to their breasts. Pregnancy and lactation cause breast changes leading to smaller, more saggy breasts. Dr. Casas says,

(New Beauty Magazine)

A “Mommy Makeover” = Improved Sex Life?

“I would never say, ‘Have your breasts enlarged so you can have a better sex life.’ But if someone said, ‘Doctor, I feel so bad about my tummy after having three kids, I am embarrassed to have sex with my husband’ — then a body-contouring procedure may make them feel so much better. And it can give them the confidence to feel good about themselves in an intimate setting,” she says.

“I hear it over and over again after body-contouring surgery,” she says. “Patients say, ‘I am so proud of my body. And my husband and I have so much more fun.’”

(From “Fox News” Article, “Cosmetic Surgery May Improve Sex Life“, March 14, 2006)

Moms, Battle the Post-Baby Bulge Today!

Dr. Laurie Casas answers the question: How to battle the post-baby bulge? In an MSNBC article, she champions the utility of diet and exercise but admits that,

“Factors beyond a woman’s control, such as skin elasticity, also come into play. Some women’s skin simply stretches better during pregnancy than others….That’s why many women get stretch marks, and the lucky others don’t.”

(From “Battling the Post-Baby Bulge” – Fitness-MSNBC – June 2006)

“Boobs Facts” – Can Surgery Help? Mommys Need to Know

Dr. Laurie Casas leads a discussion about breasts and breast enhancement, and she answers some questions people are afraid to ask (regarding cleavage and extra nipples). Read what she has to say concerning the aging breast.

(From “Cosmo’s Boob Bible“, Cosmopolitan)

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