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Dr. Laurie Casas has evolved a practice in which she will help you better understand the least invasive and most effective ways to either restore your natural looking youthful face and neck or maintain your individual beauty. After an in-depth consultation in which you will be asked to bring your photos from your youth and every decade thereafter, Dr. Laurie Casas will work with you to develop an individualized plan to address your concerns.

Dr. Casas will dispel the myth that a surgical face and neck lift are the only solution to managing face and neck aging. She will discuss the paradigm shift in the Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons approach to treating facial and neck aging. Dr. Laurie Casas will help you understand that facial aging over your lifetime is most effectively treated using the model of longitudinal care, which combines non-surgical and surgical options. She will help you understand how your aging can be treated and your youthful appearance maintained with a combination of non-surgical procedures, minimally invasive procedures like Precision Neck Contouring and timely but few surgical procedures like a mini or full facelift or neck lift and eyelid surgery. This innovative longitudinal approach to managing facial and neck aging by offering you long term care, may include using injectable facial and lip enhancement fillers, neurotoxins like Botox, Dysport and Xeomin and cheek fillers like Voluma and individualized skin care maintenance. All these modalities can be used in combination with minimally invasive, and timely but few surgical procedures.

Dr. Casas will always discuss safe and clinically effective non-surgical options that will allow her to offer you safe ways to longitudinally manage your face and neck aging. Because many patients first seek non-surgical options for early and late signs of face and neck aging, Dr. Casas will only offer you safe and effective options for managing the progressive signs of face and neck aging. At your initial consultation and at every visit throughout your life, Dr. Casas will critically evaluate and detail the indications for using non-surgical procedures to treat your individual progressive signs of face and neck aging. Dr. Casas will always clearly define the indications for a surgical mini and full face and neck lift during your longitudinal care while working with you to achieve your goals. As new technology is heavily marketed, Dr. Casas will always help you understand how to incorporate Injectables, Toxins, Energy-Based Technology, Tissue Tightening, and minimally invasive procedures into life so that she can help you effectively and longitudinally manage your aging face and neck.

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