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Plastic Surgery Arm Lift Testimonial Chicago

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I am thrilled about the results of my arm lift . I met with Dr. Laurie A. Casas after I had lost 150 pounds! She was so helpful because I had so much extra skin on my arms. Because I had maintained my weight for over a year and I was exercising daily she said we could proceed with the arm surgery. She advised me to work hard on developing my arm and shoulder muscles so that when the surgery was healed I would be proud of my toned arms. I talked to my trainer and we changed my exercise program to do more upper body toning and strengthening. It really paid off!

The surgery took about 3 1/2 hours and when I woke up my arms were covered. I wore a Underarmor long sleeve shirt for six weeks because she wanted me to have less swelling. I was also told to take supplements to help me heal faster and have a special massage to help my arm swelling. The whole process was so easy. She told me to use paper tape across the incisions for three months to help reduce the scaring. When the swelling started going away I was so amazed to see my arm muscles!

Because of all my hard work and Dr. Casas truly artistic work I now have really amazing arms. The scars are almost invisible because of her artistry and scar care after surgery. It’s been a year and I am ready to wear a sleeveless shirt or dress with confidence!


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