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Plastic Surgery Body Lift Testimonial Chicago

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At 57 I finally got my act together and started to eat well and exercise daily. I looked in the mirror and was shocked that none of the skin on my tummy or back or buttock or thighs shrunk with my 80 pound weight loss. I was really scared to do any major surgery but I was also very unhappy about my appearance both naked and in clothes. I had two rolls on my tummy. One above my belly button and one below it. My back skin was hanging over my buttock and I could pull up my outer thigh skin and grab it with both hands. I decided to research my options and visit some Plastic Surgeons.

When I met with Dr Casas and her staff I knew I was partnering with the best doctor. We worked together to develop a plan for before and after surgery so that I was comfortable undergoing a total lower body lift. I live alone so I needed a lot of planning. Dr Casas has a hospital stay program that she developed so I could stay in the hospital for the first couple days. The surgery took 6 hours but I am amazed at the results! She did a tummy tuck and removed all the extra skin with only a low scar and a belly button scar. She also pulled up my thighs and cut away all the extra skin. As a bonus she took the extra buttock fat that would normally be thrown away and made my buttock have a fullness so I have a perky buttock instead of a sagging flat butt!

Dr. Casas told me I had to start light exercise immediately after surgery so I was walking and doing little squats and lunges and baby crunches within two days. She said she did not want Me to loose the conditioning I had worked so hard to develop. Well it’s been almost a year and my scars are really starting to fade. I am thrilled that I found Dr. Casas because she is an artist and a great doctor.


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