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Plastic Surgery Breast Augmentation Testimonial Chicago

I made the decision to have breast implants over a three year period. I had lost most of my breast volume through pregnancy and breast feeding. I postponed the decision until my children were older and I had divorced. As a newly single woman I had become self-conscious about wearing a bathing suit, and I could no longer find a bra that fit.

Dr. Casas was very patient with me…. I had lots of questions! I am very athletic, and wanted to make sure I could resume my physical activities, and that I selected a size that wouldn’t interfere with my active lifestyle.

My surgery was held in the morning, and I was awake and comfortable by 1 that afternoon. I opted to stay in the hospital for two nights. I had told my children I was having shoulder surgery, but still did not want to worry them with my immobility. I was very worried about going under general anesthesia as a parent of young children. Dr. Casas took my anxiety regarding this seriously, and prescribed me anti-anxiety medication to take just prior to and after the procedure. I had never taken anything like this before, but it definitely helped to make me comfortable and relaxed. It was a wise choice. She also gave me a nutrition and vitamin regimine to follow prior to the surgery. The herbal remedies to reduce bruising were amazing…. I never had one bruise!

As a single mom, getting help after the procedure was paramount. My mother and a friend helped me for the first five days when I was not to be alone, but I was very mobile, and was able to get out for school drop off, coffee and even dinner within that five days. By the end of the five days I was no longer on pain medication as well. I had opted for a pain pump, and that seemed to be enough. I had drains as well, which were easy enough to clean and manage. I also had help after school through bedtime for the first two weeks with driving and childcare, as Dr. Casas had instructed me to not lift my arms, prepare dinner, or do anything strenuous. I parked myself on a couch and my kids sat with me as they did their homework and caught me up on their days. It actually was pleasant to sit with them like that in comparision to the hustle-bustle of our normal days of sports, lessons, practices, and carpooling. Dr. Casas called often to check up on me. She was wonderful.

I went to the follow-up appointments and Manual Lymphatic Draininage massage with a friend so I would not have to drive, as I didn’t feel well enough to drive myself for about two weeks. I highly recommend the massage. It really helped to reduce the soreness and swelling. During this time Dr. Casas fit me with a bra and gave me a regimine of exercises, and taught me how to change the bandages. She had me wear an ace bandage tightly across the top of my chest with the bra to create the breast shape. I did this for many weeks, but it was easy enough to conceal this protocol under clothing. The change in the breast shape was gradual, but looked completely natural within 3 months. I had opted to have my incision in the nipple, and these scars are barely visible 6 months post-op. I also opted for saline implants. There is a bit of rippling that is visible because I had such little breast tissue, but Dr. Casas told me of this in advance, and that was a choice I made for myself– saline over silicone. When the time comes to replace them I will re-evaluate that decision.

Six months after my procedure I am so incredibly happy I made this decision! The results are natural, and I am training for the Boston Marathon, so I can attest to the fact that they definitely do not interfere with the sports I so enjoy!


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