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Plastic Surgery Breast Reduction and Abdominoplasty Chicago

After having had four children, breast-feeding them, nurturing them and surviving the early childhood years I realized a significant physical and emotional toll had been exacted on ME. Within ten years I did not recognize myself; I was carrying twenty extra pounds, on a 5’1” frame, my breasts had grown to an E cup and I was exhausted trying to camouflage it all. At 41, I was a shadow of the person I was before and I needed to make some serious changes. I needed a mommy makeover!

Dr. Casas’s forthright philosophy and integrated approach to patient care blew me away!! She devised an individualized surgical plan that addressed my total well being including: diet, exercise and a vitamin regimen that would enable me to achieve the end result I wanted. Dr. Casas’s pre-surgery protocol would ensure I was in the best physical shape before during and after my surgery. From the first meeting with Dr. Casas she spoke in great detail about pre and post surgery processes that were necessary to ensure success, whereas, other plastic surgeons merely highlighted them. I knew that the breast reduction and tummy tuck I wanted would get me back on track and that Dr. Casas was the surgeon that could help me sustain the results.

In the weeks preceding my procedures I got serious about my diet, committed myself to an exercise routine and made arrangements for the care of my children and myself after surgery that Dr. Casas recommended. I arrived at the hospital 15 pounds lighter, and both physically and mentally prepared for the procedures ahead. As a direct result of Dr. Casas’s methodical approach and commitment, I was confident and ready to reclaim myself!

With four children at home, I spent two days in the hospital following surgery and then went home prepared to tell my children that while I was “out of town” I had injured my ribs. This helped explain my slow movements and need for rest to the children. Within days Dr. Casas had me back in the office to receive manual lymphatic drain massage (MLD) to minimize swelling and increase mobility. MLD is a standard post-operating procedure with Dr. Casas and again one that I did not hear about with other surgeons. I was amazed by my lack of swelling and discomfort that I anticipated and believe this was the direct result of Dr. Casas’s philosophy and approach.

I feel it is important to note that Dr. Casas’s staff seamlessly managed my recovery progress as well. From incision care to appointment making everything was “patient-first”, thoughtful and organized and a fabulous reflection of Dr. Casas. It was evident that her entire staff embraced the same philosophies on patient care that Dr. Casas embodies.

After one week I was walking around more comfortably and had minimal bruising. Using a combination of natural remedies and over the counter products I was managing my discomfort without narcotics. After two weeks I was getting back to my normal routines and feeling strong. After four weeks I was back to my normal routine, looking better than ever and feeling fantastic!

Without Dr. Casas’s talent and genuine commitment to my total well being I would not be where I am today… 25 pounds lighter, 3 cloths sizes smaller and strong! With Dr. Casas’s integrated approach to surgery I got the results I was looking for within a recovery timeframe that was far shorter than other women I know whom have had the same procedures. If you are considering a plastic surgery “mommy makeover” at all, I highly recommend that you go down the path with Dr. Laurie Casas. The end result will be beautiful inside and most definitely outside!!!


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Dr. Laurie Casas is quoted as an expert throughout the world, and can be found on television, online, and in national publications such as the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Cosmopolitan Magazine.

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