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Plastic Surgery Bride Ear Testimonial Chicago

Bridal MakeoverBridal Makeover – Bride’s Ear Pinning Testimonial

EAR PINNING: “I wore my hair in an upsweep with dangling pearl earrings!”

I always wanted to wear my hair back when I got married. That was my dream. The only thing was, I had gotten so used to wearing my hair down to cover my prominent ears.

As a child I was teased for having ears that didn’t lay flat against my head – they seemed to ‘stick out’ more than usual. I decided after years of wishing to be able to wear my hair up to try and save money for a surgery to pin my ears into a normal position (Otoplasty) and to have it before the wedding.

My dream was to have it done before my wedding so when my fiancée found out about my dream, we merely added the surgery costs to our wedding budget.

I met with Dr. Casas and after she explained the surgery and the recovery, and we timed it so that I was fully recovered before the wedding. My dream came true. I wore my hair in an upsweep with dangling pearl earrings!!! I never even wanted to wear earrings before and now, thanks to Dr. Casas, I can wear ponytails and earrings!!!

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