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Cellfina Testimonial Chicago

Cellfina works – dimples are gone!

I am 50 years old and despite regular exercise and eating right, I have always been self-conscious about the cellulite on my buttocks and thighs. I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Laurie Casas who examined me, discussed my expectations, and told me realistically what I could and could not expect from the treatment. At the consultation, I was given a folder with information about the procedure; as well as, a vitamin regimen and a list of foods and medications to avoid prior to the procedure. The doctor explained that following this recommended protocol would help promote healing and lessen the swelling.

The morning of the procedure, the nurses took photos and the doctor marked all of the dimples to be treated. I was a little nervous (maybe more than a little), but was put at ease by Dr Casas kind and knowledgable bedside manner. Her nursing staff was also wonderful. The procedure took about an hour and was performed in the doctor’s surgical suite.

First, the doctor applied a surgical type vacuum to my buttocks. I felt a slight tugging on my skin from the vacuum followed by a little pinch where the lidocaine was injected. On a scale of 1-10, I would say it was a 1 or 2. This was done several times until I was numb. After that, my only sensation during the procedure was a slight pressure to the skin—I did not feel any pain.

When the procedure was done, Dr Casas applied a sterile dressing and gave me a compression garment to wear. I was advised to wear a compression type garment for the next two weeks. My Spanx were good for this.

The first night, I had some drainage and discomfort. On a scale of 1-10, I would say my discomfort was a 3-4. I took Tylenol to help with the soreness. The drainage subsided by the next morning. I continued to wear the doctor’s compression garment through the weekend. I was able to do all of my regular activities except lower body exercise (per the doctors instructions).

I was bruised and slightly tender for about 10 days post procedure. After the bruising subsided, I was amazed at the results! I highly recommend Dr. Casas and Cellfina to anyone who is ready to get rid of those unsightly dimples.


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