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Plastic Surgery Cellulaze Testimonial Chicago

“I am thrilled with my Cellulaze procedure experience and early results! I have known Dr. Casas for a long time and I can honestly say she is the most ethical Plastic Surgeon I have ever met. For years I have been asking her to treat the cellulite on my outer thighs and the fronts of my legs above my knees to my mid thigh. I told her despite diet and exercise and control of my body fat percentage I could not wear shorts or a bathing suit without being embarrassed! Year after year she said that there was no reliable and effective treatment. Last year she said to wait because the data from a reliable clinical study was almost available. After she reviewed the results from this five center clinical trial, she told me that soon she will purchase this device because the data was excellent and she wanted to await FDA approval for this treatment called Cellulaze. She studied and trained on the SmartLipo triplex device that allows her to do many things including permanently treating Cellulite. After she explained the minimally invasive surgical procedure that she would perform in her office under local anesthesia, I signed up! The procedure was virtually painless! She passed a tiny fiber under my skin that had the cellulite and melted the little bulges of fat, released the septa that pulled down the skin creating little dimples and then treated the skin. Dr. Casas has a pre-procedure regimen that really decreased my pain during the procedure and after, also a regimen that decreased the bruising and swelling! She explained that during the procedure she used the Cellulaze feature of the device which allowed her to treat the three separate problems that made my thighs look like a mattress! I am almost two months out and I can honestly say I can already see that my dimpled skin that had little bulges of fat are now getting smoother each week! I can not wait for my final result which Dr. Casas explained will take 6-12 moths because the skin that was treated for the cellulite actually has to change and develop stronger collagen. If you have cellulite I totally recommend you talk to Dr. Casas. She will be honest and you can feel confident that she will only treat your problems if she feels she can give you a great result!

Happy Cellulaze patient that can wear shorts and a bathing suit!”

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Author: Dr. Laurie A. Casas, https://casasprd.wpengine.com/ – MD, FACS

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