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Mommy Makeover Testimonial Chicago

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Mommy Makeover Testimonial: I got my body back!

I’m a 43-year-old executive with two kids, age 12 and 6, and a great husband. I nursed both kids and gained too much weight. I decided that it was time to go see Dr. Casas who was recommended to me by my internist. I didn’t believe her when she said that Dr. Casas would really help me understand what it will take to get my body back.

Well, all I can say is meeting Dr. Casas has really impacted my life in so many ways. At our first meeting she helped me define all my goals. She started by explaining that because I wanted to loose some weight, it would be better to plan my breast and body sculpting procedures after I was happy with and could maintain my weight and exercise regimen. The crazy thing is she helped me develop a nutritional and exercise plan. She referred me to a nutritionist and a personal trainer; both have helped me so much.

I had my breast reduction surgery first in her office under local anesthesia! She has a cocktail of medicines that made me feel so relaxed. She believes in music to help patients relax during the procedure. She was right! My 12 yr old helped me with the play list. I only felt the local anesthesia injections then I drifted off to sleep listening to my music. I was back to work in 5 days!

After my breast reduction surgery and before my tummy tuck I had several sessions of Coolsculpting for fat on my back and hip area. It really works and there was no downtime. I worked on my laptop and phone during all the sessions. Three months later, when I could find the time to take off 10 days from my hectic work and travel schedule, I had my tummy tuck. By that time I had my ab muscles back toned and my posture was back to normal.

Dr. Casas stressed that it was up to me to get my core muscles back in shape after two pregnancies. She was right. The tummy tuck was easy because I only needed skin removed, my belly button reshaped and very little liposuction. This procedure was also done in her office under local anesthesia!

It’s been 9 months since I completed my Mommy Makeover and I look amazing. With a healthy diet and my daily 20-minute exercise routines I know I can maintain my new breast and body shape. Dr. Casas and her staff are amazing!!!


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