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Bridal Makeover – Mother of the Bride Eyelid Surgery Testimonial
EYELID SURGERY: “I just wanted to look refreshed and be my best…”

I am the proud mother of one girl, and three boys so my daughter’s wedding was a very exciting event in my family! As she is the youngest of my children, I was in my late fifties when she announced her engagement. My reaction was sheer joy but I began to find myself feeling self-conscious about how old I felt I had been looking lately! It was to be a big wedding and all of friends and our family members would be there to celebrate. I knew that this was about my daughter and her new husband but I couldn’t help wanting to also look my best for my daughter, and for me! It wouldn’t be good to feel uncomfortable about having my photo taken either! I had been avoiding photograph opportunities because I had noticed how saggy my eyes always looked.

I discussed it with my husband and I decided to visit Dr. Laurie Casas to hear what she would think. Being a female, I thought she might have a female’s perspective on this and I wanted to hear what my options were. After sharing my story with her, I felt much better. I explained that I did not want to be “too different” but that I just wanted to look refreshed and be my best for my only daughter’s wedding. Together, we developed a plan that turned out to be absolutely wonderful!

6 months before we started skincare
4 months before the wedding, I had an Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty which made a tremendous difference! I looked much less tired and the recovery was very easy. She also recommended a Filler for my nasolabial folds which she purposely did 6 weeks before the wedding. I was very pleased with this as well. It was not painful, it was done in the office and the results were evident within days. In addition, she helped me plan a better skincare regimen than I had been following. This made such a difference to me that I cannot speak highly enough about her or her ability to individualize her approach to what your needs and budget are.

When my daughter’s wedding day arrived, I was ready to smile right into the camera and focus on what was important: My daughter and her new husband!

Dr. Casas is just wonderful!!!

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