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Plastic Surgery Neck Liposuction Testimonial Chicago

Neck LiposuctionI am 54 years old. I had a facelift at the age of 40. I have a small face and thin skin, this does not age well. I was very happy with my facelift but, over the years it has begun to sag. I consulted my surgeon who explained that my face was not quite ready for this but if my neck and jawline were bothering me, he could do a neck-lift. He did suggest however that I wait and, we could begin to talk about it. I asked about neck liposuction and his response was that this was not a good idea. I would have irregularities and lumpiness and, that I would not be happy with this procedure.

I consulted Dr Casas. I am from another city but, came to know her through consults on other matters. Her opinion was that I did not need another facelift. She pointed out that my facelift did not include liposuction of the jawline and neck . This was the problem. She also pointed out that this procedure would not remove skin but that the skin would retract under my chin and, that I would find the result good.

I decided to go ahead. What she said made sense.

I was in and out of the hospital in 4 hours. I was not in any pain. The discomfort was minimal, mostly due to the bandages around my head. These needed to stay 4 days. Once the bandages were off, I was able to put on make-up and go about any daily routine. I had only the slightest bruise around my collarbone.

The results of this procedure have exceeded my expectations. There is not the slightest irregularity or lumpiness. The skin has retracted as she said it would.

I went to visit one of my friends and said hey, look, what do you think of this neck liposuction?

She said, Oh My! What this doctor did, was give you a swan neck. We talked a few minutes about plastic surgery do’s and don’ts. She then said, this doctor is also obviously an artist. I think, Absolutely!

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