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Plastic Surgery Nose Shaping Testimonial Chicago

Rhinoplasty (Nose Shaping) Testimonial

Nose Reshaping Gave Me Confidence!

I was successful in my career. I had a great family, fabulous friends, terrific kids. And I had a bump on the bridge of my nose and I know it sounds petty but I couldn’t get past it! I couldn’t stand the shape of my nose.

I wanted my nose reshaped but had no idea where to go from there. I was in the health care field and knew the names of many Cosmetic Plastic Surgeons, but had no personal recommendations on any of them. I knew enough to know that I wanted the best – the best technically, the best bedside manner, the best “eye” for nose shaping, and the best overall patient care, pre and post operatively. No easy search. Was there such a person? As badly as I wanted the procedure done, unless I found the person who met my criteria – I would not “settle”.

I was playing tennis with an acquaintance one day and discovered that she was a surgical nurse in the Operating Room at Glenbrook Hospital – and Evanston Northwestern Healthcare facility. Somehow, the topic of my nose-reshaping project came up. She said, unequivocally, that she had seen countless surgeons in the OR, Cosmetic and otherwise, and the ONLY one she would EVER go to was Dr. Laurie Casas! She went on to say that the general consensus among the OR personnel, Physician and Nurse and ancillary staff, was that Laurie Casas was the “go-to” physician for the type of surgery I was considering, in fact any cosmetic work. She said that Dr. Casas’ technical skills were flawless and that she was a fabulous patient advocate. I was SO excited! I was on my way!

I made an appointment and on the day of the appointment was nervous but excited. She spent unlimited time with me. First, she wanted to clearly understand what it was that bothered me about my nose. She asked me lots of questions and spent considerable time explaining the procedure, the pro’s and con’s, her protocols for pre-surgical preparation and post-surgical care and how those would realistically work in my daily life. She gave me her recommendations and showed me with mirrors and diagrams what her recommendations translated into for me. Her approach to the pre-surgical preparation and to her post-surgical care was unique to her. By the end of the appointment, I knew she was the one.

Needless to say, I scheduled the surgery. The day of the surgery, I was more excited than nervous. She came and talked to me prior to the surgery, reviewing again what the plan for the day was and fielding any other questions/concerns. She was there when I came to, explaining everything to me and my friend who had accompanied me. There were no surprises – she had covered all eventualities so well. THEN, she gave me her cell and home phone numbers in case I needed her or had questions or concerns anytime at all! WOW! She also called me to check on me each of the two days, over a holiday weekend, until she saw me for the 1st Post Operative visit in her office. This totally blew me away!

I am so happy with my nose reshaping and with the entire experience. It was all made possible by a Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Laurie Casas, who IS the best – the best technically, the best bedside manner, the best “eye”, and the best overall patient care. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you, Dr. Casas!

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