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Pigmentation Reduction and Skin Resurfacing Testimonial Chicago

At 45 and having abused my skin in the sun as a teenager, I went to Dr. Casas for some real help to improve the appearance of my skin. My kids started to tell me I was starting to look like an older wrinkled person around the eyes, mouth and chest. She was tough. Before letting me schedule quick fix treatments with lasers, wrinkle-smoothing injections with Botox or line reduction injection treatments with Restylane, she first required that I start to take care of my skin.  She asked me if I could use sunblock regularly and required I do so.

When I came back after a couple of weeks I started on an aggressive skin care protocol which her staff walked me through so that I could gradually adopt this new plan. Then I saw Dr. Casas and together we designed a program that included…

1. Pigmentation Reduction and Skin Resurfacing Treatments with a relatively painless treatments with  IPL and fractional non ablative laser. I had 4 sessions 4 weeks apart and now I have maintenance treatments twice a year

2. Botox for my elevens and my smile lines

3. Minimal Restylane injections because the skincare and laser reduced almost all my fine lines!

All I can say is call Dr. Casas and she will help you achieve your goals of looking the best you can look!

* Individual results may vary

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