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“I’m turning 60 and I’ve never looked better!”

I’m turning 60 soon and I was really disgusted with my sagging chin and neck. I saw several plastic surgeons for a facelift. In my search for a firmer, uplifted look, I heard various approaches and estimates. After discussing with my daughter who is a nurse, I selected Dr. Laurie A. Casas. She has an outstanding reputation and I felt safe with her.

One of the things I liked is that she recommended treating my neck area, and pointed out that I really didn’t need a whole facelift based on my elasticity. I felt she was honest and trustworthy and was not trying to ‘upsell’ me in any way. After considerable thought I scheduled my surgery. Dr. Casas has a great approach that made me feel comfortable and alleviated minor anxiety I had about surgery. You have a pre-surgical appointment where Dr. Casas explains in great detail what to expect during the procedure, what kind of medications to avoid before surgery, her vitamin recommendations, etc. I also got a schedule with my appointments so I would be able to coordinate activities afterwards. Her style is very thorough and I felt she was interested in me as a person as well as a patient. She really listens!

The surgery was in her office so I already felt comfortable with her staff and the location. The procedure was about 2 hours and I was home resting about 30 minutes later! Dr. Casas called to check in on me that evening and I saw her 2 days later. It has been 8 months and I am so pleased.

It was a very pleasant experience and I would recommend it to anyone.

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