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Plastic Surgery Chicago Precision Tx Neck ContouringTM Testimonial

Love my neck at 70!!!

At 70 I decided to finally do something about my turkey neck. I have put off going to see Dr. Casas because I thought that I would need a big surgical neck lift and facelift to get a natural result. After seeing her, she explained that I could improve my old saggy neck with a new procedure called Precision Tx. She also told me I had to start really taking care of my skin. I love the sun, but she explained that my face, neck and chest skin was very sun damaged. She prescribed an intense skin care program that would reverse many signs of the sun damage, but also told me that even after an intense home system by Jan Marini and the minimally invasive procedure called Precision Tx, I would have to give up sun tanning and finally start taking care of my skin. All I can say is Dr. Casas war right! It has all worked! I did the skin care program religiously for 12 weeks. Then I had the procedure in her office. I came in that day and while listening to music and after taking a few pills to relax me, Dr. Casas and her staff took me into the procedure room. After a few shots to numb my neck skin, she passed a tiny laser under my skin and heated up the fat and then the skin. It was virtually painless. I walked out of the office with a head wrap and returned in three days to get it removed. Then she prescribed Manual Lymphatic Drainage three times a week. As my neck skin shrunk and tightened I was amazed! She’s amazing but really honest. Dr. Casas explained I had to continue to do my skin care regimen and that I would always have to wear sun block to protect my new neck skin. I look 15 years younger and I did not need a big surgery! Dr. Casas and her staff are wonderful. I always tell any one who asks to go talk to Dr. Casas. If you have a question about what you can do at home or if there are any procedures that are available to help you look natural and younger she will honestly tell you what you can do and what procedures are safe and really deliver on their promises. She will always be honest , but if you are willing to work with her, she can help you look your best no matter how old you are!


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