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Plastic Surgery Rhinoplasty and Chin Liposuction Testimonial Chicago

Rhinoplasty and Chin Liposuction Testimonial


At 41, I decided to embrace the decade of ME and deal with a few issues I had with my profile. More specifically, I wanted a mommy makeover that dealt with my nose and sagging joules! Dr. Casas’s forthright philosophy and approach to surgery made me feel confident and ready to make the changes I had envisioned for years.

Dr. Casas recommended reshaping of the sides of my nose along with shortening the tip so that my nose would naturally complement my face structure and be perfectly proportioned. She didn’t ask me “whose nose do you want”, instead she described my perfect nose based on the unique features of my face. With respect to my joules, she recommended a simple liposuction procedure to remove the fallen fat pad that was creating my double chin, and reshaping my jaw line to give it more definition.

Dr. Casas spoke candidly about pre and post surgery care and its importance to a quick recovery with minimal discomfort. Dr. Casas’s approach included natural remedies to reduce swelling and bruising along with instructions on taping the nose to support its new shape. Dr. Casas also recommended manual lymphatic massage to minimize swelling, scar tissue development and to expedite healing. I assure you these details to pre and post-surgery care were not something I found within any other plastic surgery practice.

I left Dr. Casas’ office knowing I had found the best plastic surgeon and her practice was second to none! I scheduled both surgeries and began the vitamin protocol that Dr. Casas recommended to build my physical strength. The Mommy Makeover had begun!

The surgeries were schedule as outpatient procedures and I was released to ice and rest for three days. After the first night I was allowed to remove the bandage from my chin and all I can say is WOW and that I was absolutely amazed with the result. This simple procedure immediately removed10 years off the look of my face!!! I had no bruising or swelling in the area, thanks to Dr. Casas’ regimen, and I literally had two little stitches under my chin and behind each ear. Discomfort during this time was non existent with Dr. Casas unique approach to pain management that encourages natural products and limits narcotics.

Within three days I was back to my normal routine albeit wearing large sunglasses to hide the dressing on my nose. The bandaging on my nose was off in two weeks, which was a bit longer than I expected, however, Dr. Casas assured me that when the bandages were finally removed I would have the nose I expected instead of a lot of swelling.

Needless to say, Dr. Casas was right and my whole face looked refreshed and natural. The changes were subtle and just right. It was amazing I looked like an improved and younger me.

For the next few months I was greeted with complements at how great I looked and asked about what I was doing differently. It is amazing that two simple procedures, with minimal down time, could make such a difference. I am convinced that the reason is simply Dr. Laurie Casas. Her training and talent, unsurpassed dedication to perfection and total patient care are the reasons I continue to look so great.

If you are ready for a mommy makeover and are considering plastic surgery, I highly recommend that you go straight to Dr. Laurie Casas. You will not be disappointed at any stage in the process!! She is an amazing and gifted doctor, it is no wonder she is so highly regarded by her past patients and peers.

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Dr. Laurie Casas is quoted as an expert throughout the world, and can be found on television, online, and in national publications such as the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Cosmopolitan Magazine.

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