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Plastic Surgery Silicone Breast Implants Testimonial Chicago


Waiting for silicone breast implants was one of the best decisions I ever made. I was approaching 40 years old and was frustrated, embarrassed, and quite frankly disgusted with the state of my breasts. I have always been a competitive athlete; tall and thin and a full B breast size. But, I had 4 children in less than eight years and nursed each baby for a year. Subsequently, my breast tissue was significantly compromised and basically consisted of empty sacks. I explored surgical enhancement options 4 years ago and was very disappointed to learn that I was not a good candidate for saline implants for the type of result I was looking to achieve. Although I am tall and thin, I have an athletic build with a large chest cavity and broad back. Subsequently, trying to regain my generous B look was not obtainable with my body type. With saline implants, if I stayed with my vision of a B cup, I would have that “fake” look which I was absolutely not interested in. Also, with my very thin tissues, I did not want to feel the rippling of a saline implant like all of my thin, athletic friends have. Therefore, although frustrating and disappointing, I chose to wait the 4 years until silicone implants were finally available. During my research to find the best board certified plastic surgeon to help me achieve my goal, I was fortunate to discover Dr Laurie Casas from Northwestern. Her comprehensive approach, outstanding training and credentials, extensive experience, candor, honesty, and disciplined process, which produced exceptionally natural results, was exactly what I was looking for. Exercise has always been a significant part of my life as well as a solid vitamin regimen. That part of the program was easy for me. My social drinking and social smoking were behaviors that I quit a month before the procedure. Any surgical procedure, especially elective, produces some feelings of fear and apprehension.

My experience with Dr Casas was exceptional. Her approach to pain management is amazing…….. Especially since my augmentation was under my muscle and my experience was virtually pain free. The first two weeks post op are challenging with the restricted movement of your arms to ensure optimal results. I am fortunate that I have live in help and family in the area who were extremely helpful during that time. Weeks 2-6 were difficult for me giving up my passion: daily competitive tennis and working out. I spent the 6 weeks post op following the MLD (manual lymph drainage) therapy requirements to reduce swelling and to help prevent scar tissue. Very few physicians incorporate this progressive therapy which has such incredible value to making you look normal by two weeks and keeping the tissue soft. My results are extremely natural, have completely restored my positive feelings about my body, and I have been so happy with my decision. It is clearly a very personal decision whether or not to pursue surgical augmentation to correct the natural implications of pregnancy and nursing. But when people ask “would you do it again knowing what you know?” my response is always, overwhelmingly YES!

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