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Sun Damage Laser Treatment Testimonial Chicago

At 45 my face, neck and chest skin started showing signs of age spots and redness. I know I was never careful in the sun when I was a teenager and now I am starting to see the damage I caused. I decided to see Dr. Casas and set up a plan to prevent and further damage and reverse some of the damage I already had. As soon as I met Dr. Casas I realized I was in good hands. She and her team explained that IPL could remove the spots and improved my skin’s texture if I started on a daily skincare program. Only after I committed to it did she then tell me about my options for getting rid of the spots and broken blood vessels. I have had 3 treatments so far about 3-4 weeks apart and my skin if transformed. The treatments were painless and there was no real downtime! The spots fell off and my skin looks amazing. I am so thrilled with the results and now know that I can have great looking skin if I take care of it and maintain the results with 1-2 sessions a year.

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