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Lip Enhancement Glenview

I have always been embarrassed that my upper lip was so thin that I could not even use lip liner or lip stick to make it look normal. I read about how Restylane was the only FDA approved dermal filler for lip enhancement so I decided to meet with a board certified Plastic Surgeon that has a lot of experience in lip restoration, both cosmetic and reconstructive. Dr. Laurie A. Casas was so understanding when we met with me during our initial consultation. She and her staff helped me understand the lip enhancement procedure, its pros and cons and helped me prepare for my first treatment. All I can say is you need to follow Dr. Casas’ protocol so that the procedure is as painless as possible and that the post treatment swelling is minimized. I now go in every 5 to 8 months for a small amount of Restylane which is very affordable and my lips are natural and normal looking. Thanks Dr. Casas! Read here more about the lip enhancement procedure at Casas Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (CAPS).


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