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Plastic Surgery Thigh Lift Testimonial Chicago

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After I had gastric bypass surgery I lost 140 pounds. I had a new life of healthy eating and daily exercise. The problem was my body did not match my spirit or what I wanted to look like. When I looked in the mirror I was shocked to see skin hanging everywhere. I had heard about Dr Casas and her detailed and comprehensive approach to her patients so I went in for consultation to talk about fixing my body so I could feel proud of my healthy life choices. After a lot of thought we decided to start with my thigh lift. She explained I had two choices: one which would place the scar in my inner thigh crease and the other that would involve a second scar down from the first scar so that she could shape my upper thigh and make it more slender. I decided to have the more extensive surgery because i dreamed about being able to wear pants and have shapely legs. Together we decided to move forward but before scheduling Dr Casas told me to really work on my thigh and Tummy exercises. She explained that toned muscles will look better after all the skin was cut away and the swelling was gone. She explained that my toned muscles help to make my thigh look more shapely. Well she was right! Surgery and recovery was not as bad as I thought it would be. I healed fast. I’m convinced it’s because of the pre surgery diet and supplements and after surgery care which included therapeutic massage called Manual Lymphatic drainage. My scars are fading and I have scheduled my lower body lift next. After that surgery I think I am going to do my arm lift then finish up with breast which will probably involve a breast lift. I am so grateful to be working with such a thoughtful and artistic surgeon. Dr Casas and her staff are so terrific with every detail of your experience. I now know that I will soon be proud of what I look like. I strongly recommend Dr. Casas to anyone looking for an artistic perfectionist who really cares about you.


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