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Plastic Surgery Tummy Tuck Testimonial Chicago

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)Testimonial

Tummy Tuck: A Dream Come True

I am a 49 year old health care professional. After years of large amounts of weight loss and weight gain I finally stabilized my eating and through diet and exercise lost 125 pounds over a 10 year period. While I felt great and was happy the large amount of weight loss coupled with a late in life twin pregnancy left quite a bit of loose, sagging skin, especially around my waste. I had what my mother referred to as a large apron hanging over my waist. It was uncomfortable for me to work with kids and exercise and difficult to find clothes that fit. I finally decided to check into getting the extra skin removed. Two friends recommended Dr. Casas. During the consultation she spent over an hour with me going over various strategies to remove the skin how much where etc. We decided that a skin only abdominoplasty and outer thigh lift would take care of the problem area. She also recommended liposuction to my thighs in order to even out my silhouette (My lower body was noticeably asymmetrical). I left feeling confident that I would get good care . To be sure I got a second opinion from another surgeon recommended by a surgical nurse friend. He spent a total of 10 minutes and recommended a beltectomy and injection of fat into my buttocks to round it out. His cost would be $11,000 more than Dr. Casas. My decision was easy.

Dr Casas instructed me on the preoperative protocol that would help with the surgery and post surgical recovery. She was at my bedside immediately before surgery and upon awakening from surgery. I have had surgical procedures before and always awoke nauseous and in pain. Not this time. Dr. Casas’ pre surgical protocol controlled the pain and nausea. Regular post surgical followups plus lymphatic massage and vitamins kept me secure that all was going well. I am still being seen for follow up 2 years later! To say that I am very happy with the results is an understatement. She cared not just about the surgical procedure but about how I would look years afterwards.

I still follow the healthy eating and exercise routine as well as Dr. Casas recommended life time vitamin protocol. Having been obese all my life I often dreamed of having a flat stomach. Now I have one and it is wonderful. I will be 50 in a few months and my husband, who has known me since I was 19, says I never looked better.

Thanks, Dr. Casas, for helping me make a dream come true.


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