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Wrinkle Reduction Treatment Testimonial Chicago

I am 54 and I have never smoked. Unfortunately I did get a lot of sun exposure as a teenage before I knew the importance of sunblock. I met Dr. Casas and her staff and they explained the important of a daily skin care regimen and the benefits of a series of laser treatments with a new laser that was fractional but non-ablative. I have had two treatments 3 weeks apart and my embarrassing lip lines and crow’s-feet are finally going away. The treatments take 10 minutes and they are virtually painless. There was no downtime and my skin looked pink for 3-5 days and that was it! I love it. I have two to three more sessions to go and then I have to maintain new skin with skincare and 1-2 sessions a year. Thank you Dr. Casas and her team!

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