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Plastic Surgery Xeomin Testimonial Chicago

I had been seeing Dr. Casas for years and receiving Botox and Dysport injections on a regular basis. One day she asked me if I wanted to try Xeomin® (there was a promotion going on in her office). Because I trust her completely and it was a good price, I agreed to try it. She explained that it is in the same category as Dysport and Botox, and she has many years injecting and teaching so I didn’t worry! I was curious if it would be different.

It took effect quickly! I was very pleased – I saw a difference in my “11” lines between my eyebrows in 2 days. I can’t honestly say it lasted longer than Dysport or Botox normally does but the results were equally great! The frowning wrinkles on my forehead and between my eyes were smoothed over and it took away that tired look. People notice, that’s for sure. My husband says I don’t look as cranky!

I feel like it takes a few years off my age, too!

The price was very appealing so I would definitely do this again – it is so great to have options and be able to pick the best priced injection! I try to be smart about the best price point but I also want to be sure I’m not wasting time and money just to get a deal so I appreciate that I can ALWAYS trust Dr. Casas to be ethical. She only offers procedures that she believes in. I’m now officially a Xeomin® fan!

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