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Hair Reduction Chicago

Permanent Hair Removal

Hair reduction – Laser hair removal is clinically-proven technology that targets cells responsible for hair growth on various areas such as legs, bikini, upper lip, underarms, back, chest, and arms without harming surrounding skin. This advance method is fast, easy, and FDA-cleared. Consider the benefits of being able to reduce shaving and waxing from your routine; you will save time and money in the long run!

With the ICON Laser System, Laser Hair Removal requires fewer treatments and produces better results than traditional hair-removal procedures. Thanks to this powerful, effective technology, the light energy targets the cells responsible for hair growth in areas where patients would like to reduce unwanted hair. Due to the fact that there are multiple Handpieces that are part of our Laser System, the Practitioner will be able to select the ideal equipment for each particular client, and each area of the body. This will optimize your experience as selective Handpieces address various skin types, areas of the body and resistant areas of hair.

If you are a candidate for Hair Reduction, a treatment plan will be developed for you at your initial consultation based on your goals and evaluation by Dr. Casas or her Laser Specialist.

Treatment sessions can be as little as 10 minutes for smaller areas and are not painful. Several sessions might be needed depending on the area but patients may resume normal activities following treatment.

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