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Dysport™ is a new FDA approved Botulinum toxin injection which is used to improve the look of moderate to severe frown lines in adults younger than 65 years of age. Like Botox Cosmetic®, Dysport™ is a protein extracted from the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum. Dysport™ was FDA approved in the US in April of 2009 but has been approved for cosmetic use in Europe since 1990. Dysport™ will help relax muscles in the face that create unwanted expressions, such as frown lines between the brows, lines in the forehead, and crows feet. Frown lines and wrinkles occur because the muscles that control facial expression are used often (smiling, squinting, etc.) After Dysport™ is injected into the muscle, those muscles are relaxed for up to 12 to 16 weeks or even longer.

During your consultation Dr. Casas will discuss ways to use Dysport™ that will allow your eyes, forehead, and brows to look more youthful and rested. Together you will decide the best way to use Dysport™ to achieve your desired result. Dr. Casas will also discuss with you whether your result may be enhanced with skin care products, dermal fillers, or other surgical or non-surgical procedures.

In clinical trials, Dysport™ was shown to have a fast onset of 2 to 3 days for most people, but the final result should not be expected until 14 days after injection. You can go about your normal routine immediately after the injection. Most side effects are mild, and may include localized bruising and soreness. To maintain your results, Dysport™ treatments are needed every three to four months.


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