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Bikini Hair Reduction Testimonial Chicago

I’m in my 30’s and love being on the beach in my free time.  I had heard about Laser procedures for hair reduction but put it off until I found a place where I felt comfortable.   For years, I waxed and shaved my legs and bikini area but always worried that the hair was growing back as soon as it was waxed or shaved!  I kept thinking how great it would be to not have to worry about it, especially in the summer if I made last-minute plans that involved shorts or bikinis!

Since I had seen Dr. Casas for injections, I already knew I could trust her.    Her Laser Specialist developed a plan for me and the whole experience was great.   Her staff makes you really comfortable and they explain everything.  I had 4 treatments and so far, so great – I am so happy I did the treatment!   I would definitely recommend it.

Having the Hair Reduction procedure was a great decision… I wish I had done it sooner!


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