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Laser Hair Reduction Testimonial Chicago

It was time. Time to do something about the fur on my back. If one more person called me Wolfman I thought I’d swear off beaches forever. I hated taking my shirt off in public. I would wear a sleeveless t-shirt to try & hide what a hairy beast I was. My girlfriend knew how self-conscious I felt about it and for my birthday she gave me a gift certificate for hair reduction on my back.

I met with Dr. Casas and she couldn’t have been nicer. She sees people like me all the time and said it was easy to treat. What a relief. She first patch-tested me to be sure that it would work, and then after evaluating the density of my back hair, estimated 5 sessions for optimal results. I was blown away by how kind she was and understanding. I never felt humiliated or like she didn’t understand – If anything, it was like she was my co-pilot and we were trying to land the plane together.

Each session was about ½ hour and it was painless. She evaluated me after each session (I have 2 more to go) and we both agree the hair is sparser and lighter for sure! Dr. Casas said I should do touch-ups 1-2 times per year. It has made such a difference to feel more normal. She also made sure that I understood how important it was after laser treatment to use good skincare (like a good sunscreen at the beach). She has a very advanced high technology laser and the effects are powerful.

I just wanted to tell her: Dr. Casas, thanks to you, now I CAN go to the beach and feel comfortable!!!! So I will definitely wear my sunscreen!!


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