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Leg Hair Reduction Testimonial Chicago

I am so glad that I had Laser Hair Reduction on my legs. After years of spending time and money shaving with razors, making appointments & spending money on waxing (ouch), I realized what a smart investment it would be to do laser hair reduction and not have to worry about my stubbly legs.

Dr. Casas evaluated me for the procedure first and wanted to be sure that I would be a candidate since it doesn’t work for blond, red or grey hair. Her office is very clean and professional; they give you a detailed protocol so you know exactly what to expect. For example, you can’t use lotions on your treatment day and you shouldn’t tan for a few weeks after etc. I felt very cared for – it definitely was ‘clinical’ and safe. My treatment plan was for 6 sessions at 6 weeks apart (I’m pretty hairy!)! Each session was about a half hour and I just brought my I pod and listened to music while my legs were treated. It was not painful at all and I just had to avoid suntanning for 2 weeks but otherwise, it was no big deal. I have one more session to go and I’m thrilled!!! Dr. Casas said I should probably do 1 (or possibly 2 ) maintenance sessions a year which is nothing compared to shaving every other day or waxing every 4 weeks!


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