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Testimonial for Acne Scar Reduction

For most of my life since I was 16 I have felt so embarrassed of my acne scars. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on concealers but most of them just seemed to make the scars even more noticeable.

I finally got my acne under control but I was left with pitted skin that looked like little dents, kind of like an orange peel but worse. I read about Dr. Casas in a magazine and I went to see her. She made me feel so much better and gave me hope that it could be improved. She developed a plan for me using a high tech laser to reduce acne scars, surgical scars and stretch marks. She suggested between 2-4 sessions 4 weeks apart. She also recommended a skincare and diet and supplement regimen to promote collagen growth. After 2 sessions I saw a difference and was so excited. I wanted to keep going the next day but she said I had to wait and space it out a few weeks between appointments because new collagen was forming. I continued it and after 4 sessions, it was really, really much better – I can hardly believe it! I would not have believed it if I hadn’t done it myself! It is so much smoother and better. I highly recommend this procedure for anyone who is self-conscious about her skin texture. I still wear makeup but it goes on differently, and looks smooth and natural! I LOVE it! Thank you Dr. Casas!!!


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Dr. Laurie Casas is quoted as an expert throughout the world, and can be found on television, online, and in national publications such as the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Cosmopolitan Magazine.

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